How vaccinated grandparents should approach visiting loved ones


Knew. Now the people are getting vaccinated. Grand parents are anxious to see their grandkids. But there are still many questions. A Marilyn Hider with today's coronavirus update, a doctor at George Washington University School of Public Health says even though there could be some immunity after one dose of Fizer or Madonna's vaccine, you should get both doses. Recipients are told the vaccine is 98% effective, so there's still a chance someone who has received it could get Cove in 19, and it's not known if people that were vaccinated could still be carriers of the virus. Even if they don't get sick. That would mean you could still be a carrier and could spread it to those who aren't vaccinated. But getting the vaccine is so worth it because it greatly reduces your chance of getting the virus and getting severely ill. But when it comes to visiting grandkids or anyone, the guidelines are pretty much the same. You can still see them outside and physically distance or if you really want to have a good time everyone needs to quarantine for at least 10 days and lower their risk during that time. So still a lot of unknowns. But the good news is more vaccine is rolling out and more people will be eligible to get vaccine soon Form or go to Cobra. Com Keyword VIRUS. Maryland Haider

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