What If Scenario Reality Checks

A Slob Comes Clean


You guys were living through a nether meaning like yet another historical event. You guys seeing that me more. Somebody's like i'm getting a little tired of living through historical events. Anyway it is snowmageddon or whatever you wanna call it in texas right now. I'm not sick. i'm all of a sudden sniffling as i do this. I'm just letting you guys know that it is my goal to like. I'm going to record the ad within the podcast and all that just. Because i'm a little nervous. I haven't heard from her to say she's not available but i'm a little bit nervous about You know there are so many people around where i live. Who do not have any power right now and so just in case. My podcast editor is not available We'll see how i do all this anyway. But yeah so we're in another historical event right now. We are living through the coldest they keep calling it like the coldest winter event in a generation. I don't know i don't know anyway. It's crazy let's people. Were that are without power. Here in texas Because we're just not prepared for this kind of stuff like this is just like it does not make financial sense for our cities to have and maintain at like snowplows. And there's a instagram. Or that i was that i've been following and she's minnesota and somebody who's like. How do y'all pipes not freeze like ours. Do because that's the big thing we're worried about. Its zoning like everything has to be insulated to a point where it won't freeze because they're used to that and i guess that's not i think here i don't know anyway. It's just a little bit crazy right now so everybody's home and then not even doing virtual school because of all the power outages and all that kind of stuff. Anyway my point is what a lovely opportunity. We've all had over the last twelve months to experience so many. What if scenarios which then gives us real reality checks about the things that we've kept for years thinking what if what if the worst happened. What if such and such happened. Because here's the thing for a lot of people like me. That's part of the reason why we have clutter issues is we can think of all. The what ifs. Sometimes i really have issues with other people in my life. Maybe people who. I live with my family or whatever who. I'm also this way in good ways to like. I think through all the ways that this could go and what could happen so this is what i need to do. Nail in order to be ready and prepared for that and in so many ways in life that is a great quality. I mean really like in so many different ways. It's like. I think through like you need to study this and you need to study this because this is coming and then the anyway. Whatever it's my project brain is great and a lot of ways. But here's where it gets out of control when i would keep stuff in my house. That was making life harder to live. That was making my house out of control because it was more stuff than i could personally handle. It was above my personal clutter threshold and because of that. I have to really be cautious and conscience conscious whatever of You know when my what if scenarios my desire to be prepared crosses the line okay and actually become something that hurts my family more than it helps my family. Okay so this is a great opportunity. We have lived through a lot of difficult scenarios and the last year things that might have been one of those well. This could happen things that were going through our head when we kept so. It's an opportunity to go through and go through your house. Now here's the thing to my goal. Is that these podcasts. Never be like super time sensitive so early. This cold snap. Where texas is colder than alaska is not going to last forever right now but really i mean it's not like it's it's you know it's going to be back above freezing on friday so great but looking back. I think it's really important for the us who have. What if for the future scenarios to go wait a minute and if we find ourselves spiraling in that direction of all the things that could happen in the future instead to go. Wait a minute. Let me be realistic about this thing that i'm thinking i should stay. Should save just in case. I'm desperate let me think about time when i was desperate. Did i use this item. Did i have it in my house. And did i use it or would i have actually used this in that situation. So she's kind of a good reality check for us

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