A highlight from Sidney Crosby to the Bruins Trade Fun & Bruins Expansion Draft Preview | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan

Poke the Bear


And welcome in to poke the bear episode 31 31 can't believe it Thirty-One episodes. I'm have married off ski alongside Connor ride a Boston sports are on Connor how we doing Evan. I'm doing Splendid how you doing doing? Well, that's beautiful day to podcast and what every day is every day, especially for all the people on Twitter who say that's all we do. It is always beautiful day for us to podcast but it's it's made them more fun. We always say in the during the season in the middle of Seasons, you need some stuff just to spice things up a little bit, you know, sometimes the games keep getting a boring life began. We've been we've got we've been we've learned our lesson we can't we can't ever say things are boring like maybe we used to but you you have things come up during season change. Is that that that help, you know, add some flavor to it all and I tweeted out on on Wednesday. I don't know what day is the weeks are any more but on Wednesday, I tweeted up a beautiful Bleacher Report article that was like five places that Sidney Crosby could end up because obviously if people who might not be aware of this was it Draeger who said that if the Penguins don't make the playoffs this year or are contenders that he wouldn't be surprised to see Crosby ask for trade. I think it was Darren Drake. I think I think it was yeah, but I'm not entirely sure but the narrative is out there the very least. Yes. So the narrative now people are saying well who could he go to who could not now the two obvious ones or the Avalanche and the Rangers? I think those are the two ones but they have the most to give up. They wouldn't they wouldn't become like a bad team getting Crosby. I mean nobody would but you wouldn't they still have a lot of people they could give they could you know spare phone by remore off. And be totally fine, but the first-team Bridget prevention was your Boston Bruins and I said, oh boy, I can't wait to see what they said as the the package that goes back to the Penguins and see those McEvoy write columns Cassidy. Yeah. That's what that's what they said, right or well you're close 5. These guys are on the same team. That's about it. Okay to pitch for Crosby could include a Winger such as Jake debrusk or honors Bjork. Okay, both struggled to meet expectations of Boston and my benefit for a change of scenery. That's true. Don't know how you pitch the Penguins on that but you know sure it could also cost the Bruins a promising player such as Center jax2 Nika more Novak in Dinan ocean tires.

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