A highlight from Is PEMF objectively proven or a subjective pseudoscience?


Being about stuff that way. Why this is loren wiseman this is the brand messaging podcast. Wait what really okay and in this episode. I'm asking and getting answers from tim. Daniels on the question is p. m. f. objectively proven or a subjective pseudoscience. Many things that we hear inside of health it can go from the vitamins to the supplements to the food that we eat two different massages to electricity to water to everywhere in between i mean the array of of merchandise and these medical breakthroughs have been just incredibly abundant in the past number of years. And maybe even more so in the last year as people have been staying at home pm. F though is a little bit older than last year there are tracings of this thing. Back to prebiblical prebiblical age. I wanna i welcome tim daniels. Thank you for being here. Tim is gonna talk. Talk us through the aspects of p. m. f. what it stands for what it can do and what it may be able to offer more people as we kind of break through the walls of the assumptions of the objective the objective of the intention the and just a great deal of the hype that sits around wellness today. Thanks for hanging out him all right. Thank you becky lauren. What so what is p. m. f. This little let's let's run right out of the gate with that with the definition in your heart. Well what the acronym stands for and you hear to waste either pulsed. Electromagnetic frequencies are pulsed electromagnetic bill. And what it is. Is this way for medicine. That's created and as As signal waiting for it said the body the

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