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Manhattan, New York City And Central Park discussed on Todd Schnitt


Is this we head into the final hour here on Thursday here on finance from the home finance corona virus bonkers studios nola locally my wife and I are healthy at this point but who the hell knows we are in Manhattan where in New York City who the hell knows we're doing everything possible yes the personal protective equipment to mask goggles going out infrequently for food or necessities we will be heading out again for exercise in Central Park after the show so if you want to follow me on Twitter at Todd Schmidt or on Instagram at certified Taj Nick young to do both I will post some pictures and some bids and we'll see what pops up but I will put some content about my Twitter feed and Instagram later as in just over an hour we're gonna get out and do a little walking and running in Central Park maintaining it extreme social distancing out we we try to stay twenty thirty fifty feet away in some cases you can say a hundred feet away from other people so follow me and I'll have some new material up on the Twitter feed at Todd Schmidt later on tonight at Taj added on Twitter and again Instagram is that certified Todd Schmidt was that I just saw a blur but I've got the numerous monitors set up not C. O. C. N. M. source close to task force certainly possible virus can spread through talking and breathing yeah we we talked about that earlier today I just I such as breaking news so I is that coming from the task force now well apparently so we'll see what happens the president is set to speak here the five o'clock presser the coronavirus task force will obviously start to at some point soon and guys let me know when the president starts speaking will listen in for a bit and will certainly monitor to see if anything important and pertinent speaking of the task force can you believe that doctor Fauci he is getting death threats what the hell Dr Fauci is getting the whole hell would threaten Dr Fauci a national treasure what is wrong with people the doctor found she has dedicated his entire professional life to the health and safety of Americans he is our leading expert on infectious diseases in this country and now we've learned that Dr Fauci is getting a security detail how she is getting an enhanced personal security detail because some threads have come in so here's doctor Fauci who's appeared during these oppressors and these coronavirus task force meetings and he has offered up his recommendations his suggestions he's trying to get us the socially distance stop the spread flatten the curve.

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Manhattan, New York City And Central Park discussed on Todd Schnitt

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