There is no way you say that about Michael Atkinson because it is clear


In the trump administration the notion that he got White House personnel and was appointed the inspector general of the intelligence community take the advice that the president got on this was so bad because it was the night away who's most who know five twenty five late two groups of people I believe the people in the justice department you should have known better senior people in the justice department under bar and I blame the White House personnel office which has been the worst personnel office since Jimmy Carter just absolutely pathetic unbelievable bad people in that office this is like a Borneo who is this guy was a coup plotter in the first clue what and then you put him in in towards into a position where he can set up the second coup attempt eighty eight without him there is no impeachment it happens but it happens in a much longer and different paths he set it up he is responsible directly now you know you can go back and blame rod Rosenstein and all these other sleaze balls for the for the hoax because you never knew what you never knew what the basis of the complaint it's going to be but I must say this guy Atkinson is just as dirty as they come well with all this time Joe still no prosecutions people are saying this and they will also want to know why it why did horror which do that put out a statement after after you know the nailing him days later put out a statement defending this guy this bomb he put out of it put out a very brief statement as the head of the inspector generals in the U. S. government is like the chip chairman of this group that you know they all belong to say he's been in business he's the business agent of the international brotherhood of inspectors general I would never have issued that statement had I been Michael Horowitz I think it's it's not an embarrassment when you look at the total record of which Michael R. which cannot be on a where there is no way you say that about Michael Atkinson because it is clear he is a politically corrupt individual

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