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Is Minnesota's most trusted


L. and G. O. P. leaders in the house and Senate overall praising the governor and the address DFL house speaker Melissa Hortman we appreciate that the governor needs to move with great speed in these executive orders but we have had a lot of conversations about legislation to ratify the executive orders and to do things in legislation that he is not able to do an executive order GOP house minority leader Kurt down we appreciate that the governor Walter Hagen and we'd like him to grant flexibility to those who can work safely he'd done that just this week or dock workers and also for deputy registers we appreciate that but ability in fact we learned last night that legislators will in fact reconvene in Saint Paul tomorrow to take up legislation that addresses workers comp claims for first responders and healthcare workers including home health care workers who contract covert nineteen again that'll be a one issue session tomorrow with social distancing of course Minnesota closing in on the one thousand mark case of the virus here in the state the death toll now stands at twenty nine we will get an update from the governor and health officials today at two o'clock as always live coverage here on WCCO some clarification on a popular summer festival the aqua Tenille will go on this summer at least that's the plan at the moment but the ambassador organization has called off its activity because of the outbreak spoke personally along says they are still planning to start your life twenty second with the well known activities

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Is Minnesota's most trusted

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