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In California the number of cases is growing Los Angeles county public health director Dr Barbara Ferrer says in the past two days they reported an additional one thousand cases bringing the total number of people infected to more than forty five hundred for a reported additional deaths bringing that total to seventy eight two hundred and forty one people are in the hospital with a little more than a quarter of them in the I. C. U. but I do want to note that five people in the I see you are under the age of thirty five and a couple of the people who are young I don't have any underlying health conditions testings increased but California sing a very large backlog of more than fifty nine thousand test results Jessica Rosenthal fox news governor Gavin Newsom is encouraging people to wear masks in public New York city's mayor is also encouraging it not enough people are social distancing that's the message from White House cordon co coronavirus task force coordinator Dr Deborah perks

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With nineteen worldwide has

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