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The thirty years of broadcast


Eight hours on nine eleven throughout the banking crisis earlier the bell on this and next week I'm going to do something I've never done before I'm going to prove it generally summers working through the weekend to show you video clips exactly what we did on the show about coronavirus beginning in January through February and March why am I doing that because there are a lot of lights going on right now my people are attempting to say like Nancy Pelosi that everyone saw coming that's not true about six of us did and that's because of impeachment I wish people would just understand that like Gresham's law bad money crowds out good money bad media crowds out good media bad politics crowds that good politics a waste of the Senate's time mean the Senate cannot put its time to good use do not let anyone tell you that impeachment didn't matter this is a burden that is going to be born for ever by the whistle blower it's a burden that is going to be born for ever by Adam Schiff it is a burden that history will expose I am quite quite confident when the John berry of the future looks back at the pandemic of the president they are going to say with great certainty what what is the United States it lost a month but we had a helluva kick has learned I will talk about on

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The thirty years of broadcast

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