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Univision's Ilia Caldern is Grounded by the People She Covers



This week final. Two Democratic presidential hopefuls faced off in the eleventh primary debate and face questions from one of America's preeminent Latina Journalists Jones. Ilia Darren we spoke with Ilia about the leap of faith. She took to begin her career in the states. What she left behind what it means to make history. Your career has been one of many firsts and you make it all look as you make everything you do look easy but being the first is never easy. It's never easy but the way I see it. I Lisa is as hard to go through so many things that you have to go through to be here is a woman as an Hispanic in the United States as a black woman but at the same time it gives me the drive to think about others to think about the new generations so for me this is big but is going to be bigger if I leave this doors open for someone else for a minority. That has to be here when I leave or before I leave this position knowing that one day that he's going to be the norm knowing that one day that is not going to make be lines when happens talk to me about two thousand one and making that leap from Columbia to the US market. Because I have to imagine that was the biggest leap you've made in your career. I was in Colombia working for Sammy. One of the main news gust and Primetime I came to the United States on location and I wanted to Miami and they go to live in south beach swung by Telemundo. I wanted to see how journalists that I used to see Works I went there through a friend that a friend that works there. They give me a tour and when I sat down with Maggie Man the word I want to mention her name because she was the one that changed everything she told me. What are you doing? This like news anchoring Columbia but why did he knew casting Columbia Gusting Warp? Eight months ago. We went to Olympia. We had cussing. We brought the main anchors in the country. And you're not there so like no one told me about a casting Just like you do a guest email. Say like four is and then she called the vice president of news and Telemundo and he told me lsu casting what I've learned right place right time but I don't know that I've ever heard a story like that said he came. We did the cussing the very same day. I was sitting with the president of Telemundo and he was offering me a dose. Is there any part of me? That's like we gotta pump the brakes. This is all happening but you know what like been at the right place at the right time but at the same time making the seasons and not being afraid of making big decisions I had a relationship in Columbia for two years like my boyfriend. And we're in a serious relationship not engaged INNOC- relationship and when these opportunities open for me as I mean by I ever buy everything I had my mom and my sisters by my side he understood. Of course he was not gonna ask me to stay. I was not going to ask him to come with me because he had. He's career there so in those terms everybody was good. You know sometimes when you see those big opportunities come to you you have to say yes. You have to to leave all the fears behind. Nc This is mine is just hopping recent. And I have to take it. What is the most difficult story? You have ever covered so many but I think for what it meant to me us. A woman as a Hispanic Black Hispanic and as a mother when I interview Chris Marker that game When we're talking about what was going on with the KKK. There were no covering the phrases anymore. No no wearing the the garments and and the hoods they were free to insult and free to attack. That's the way that we're feeling empowered by the highest position of the government. How sad I wanted to cover this only reason. I you sure so yes I WANNA look at hate face to face and ask him. Why does he hate us? What how done to deserve this

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Univision's Ilia Caldern is Grounded by the People She Covers

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