What Coronavirus Restrictions Look Like Across the US


Barton now here's Amy Morris and I were Bloomberg ninety nine one Washington news for Michael DC government is modifying its operations starting today the mayor also ordered all night clubs closed in restaurants are to restrict seating Maryland lawmakers say Dale and the state's legislative session early they'll reconvene in a special session in the last week of may the governor has also ordered all casinos and racetracks closed Virginia governor Ralph Northam has banned all public gatherings of more than one hundred people statewide on maybe Morris now here's Courtney Donahoe inner Bloomberg one of six one Boston news room aiming their Marty Walsh's declaring a health emergency and enacting sweeping restrictions on bars and restaurants in Boston they're gonna be required to reduce capacity fifty percent which means that after move tables and chairs to reflect the reducing capacity to follow the guidelines on social distancing Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker's closing schools for three weeks and restricting restaurants to take out and delivery the state is lowering the threshold for public gatherings to no more than twenty five Courtney Donahoe now here's Greg Jarrett and R. Bloomberg nine sixty San Francisco newsroom California's governors ordered bars and wineries to latch the door restaurants may stay open but have to cut occupancy and have anyone over sixty five has been told by the governor stay home LA reports of police officers tested positive and traffic jams no longer exist in Seattle face to face government services were shutting down in Oregon ski areas are shut down and Newport Oregon police bank citizens don't call nine one one because you're out of toilet paper in San Francisco Gregg Jarrett Bloomberg

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