Boston - Massachusetts Reports 3 Virus Deaths, Bringing Total to 5


Three three more more people people in in Massachusetts Massachusetts die die from from corona corona virus virus bringing bringing the the total total number number of of deaths deaths to to five five DPH DPH says says three three men men two two in in their their seventies seventies one one from from Hampden Hampden county and one from Berkshire county and another man in this this nineties nineties who who lived lived in in Suffolk Suffolk County County governor governor Baker Baker spoke spoke to to read read orders orders after after attending attending a a church church service service in in Mattapan Mattapan Sunday Sunday morning morning after after attending attending Sunday Sunday service service at the Morning Star Baptist church in Mattapan governor Charlie Baker held a press conference outside he said that the state is doing everything it can to acquire much needed personal protection equipment for medical workers and first responders he says Massachusetts has orders out for those supplies across the country and the world the problem is so does every other state and the federal government I am hoping and anticipating that the president's gonna live up to that commitment that he made to me after I raised this issue with them but I said can't bid against this if you expect this to go on by the stuff and he said the next day that it there and in a bid war with states and other entities that they'll step back

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