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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn Josh. Thomas is an Australian comedian and actor who lives in La. His new comedy series. Everything's GonNa be okay. Aired on free form formerly Disney family and available now on Hulu. The premise doesn't initially sound all that. Funny Thomas Plays a young man who has to look after his two half sisters when their father dies from cancer his character knows he's not exactly dad material but he's going to try his best. We reach Thomas like almost all the reason guests on the frame these days at his home. I in my house in L. A. I'm alone. It's me and my dog John. You guys have the same name. Which is wonderful. He's thrilled. He loves the FANS Amick. Pandemics of big wins Dogs I think he might vulcanized it to be honest. That's my dishwasher. This discussion going up. Can you pause your dishwasher? Sounds like it's so proud of itself you know it doesn't do it goes for so long. It's a bit over the top and to be honest. This week is like the first time I've had the noise annoyed. You made that noise. But I'm up here vending for myself and it. Turns OUT MAY DISHWASHER? It's got a lot more personality than I realised. Now my second best friend. I got my dog. I GONNA dishwasher. That's my life now. I WanNa talk a little bit about how you're dealing with all this in a sec. But I WANNA ask you first about your new show. Everything's GonNa be okay. I WANNA play a scene from the series. This is where your character. Nicholas has just been told by his father that he is terminally ill. And your love interest. Alex who's played by Arrives the father. I should say Darren is played by Christopher. May If you're in love with the boy I wanna meet them before you secret. Australian prints contracted you now that you're rich. Do you say no and okay? It's to handle service. Yeah I'm Nicholas's dad there and I feel embarrassed nonsense already knew. My son does anal sex. Probably terribly ice tea okay. Here's the checklist patriotic cancer. Dying Dead Gay Relationship Kissing Anal sex autism kids drinking and taking someone else's prescription meds and all this from platform owned by The Walt Disney Company. Right I don't know how I tricked them. Man Out or not only do that. Yeah there's a two episode ach about consent to episodes. That's a lot I mean for me. That's like what I'm interested in making. So I I like shows that explore real life Issues trade deal within liquor railway. If I'm gonNA someone's going to buy a show of me was going to be right and they wanted to buy show of me and so this is it Yeah this will find engaging and there's just so much TV now like there's so many stories being told. I think there's space for a show like this. That really goes that this is what I find interesting. We're talking with Josh. Thomas the Creator and star of everything's GonNa be okay on a play another clip. This is where your character's younger sister. Matilda is delivering a eulogy at Your father's funeral. The actress is Kayla Cromer. I wasn't born with an inbuilt. Understanding of many things near a typical people take for granted. Oh I have autism surprise again I had to rely on my dad who interpret the world to teach me how to do every little thing so I carry him with me every day every time I tie my shoe laces or cross the road without dying or make eye contact with anybody or demonstrate a reasonable amount of self esteem that is thanks to him going above and beyond their two really important things in this scene. One is your decision to have a character who is on the autism spectrum and equally critical to cast an actor who herself is on the spectrum. I guess that's kind of a two part question about writing the character and casting the character. How did that come together? As really surprised about how little I knew understood about autism and how Little Mo friends you understood about it and I got really interested in and everything like people with like a different view and I was really into it and I wanted to do it. Stars autistic casting goes. I always think as much as you can get. An activist is close to the PERFORMA. That better but it was never been done. I don't think there's ever been a lead cost number that statistic we saw you know hundreds of autistic girls at the beginning. We saw like four or five. Typical goals is like just to see and just startling. And how much data the autistic girls wide? Just probably lots of reasons. I think Cam I'll let them know. Typical people playing until like stereotypes which aren't true and one very interesting thought it'd be like a challenging costing process but actually there were so many good options one of the parents of someone who ended up costing play. Dreyer. Lillian Mama's a yeah Williams a really great active because autistic kids especially girls have to learn how to mimic behavior and that kind of like acting everyday to fit into this wall. That isn't designed for them. Which is like a really interesting idea. So you know at the beginning. We wanted to do it because it's the right thing to do. We hope that we will be better I am. We went to the audition process and it was like they're on such a different level of quality and performance to the the other gals. Who could you know they were good actors girls but then pretending to be autistic is kind of like now that? I've done it. I look at like and I just think it's very weird actually to watch your typical people pretend to not be we now know that thanks to the pandemic you have a new and more meaningful relationship with your dishwasher and your dog. What does that mean in terms of a second season for the show up doing stand up? Like how are you going crazy? How you remaining engaged while you're still being creative person. Yeah I mean I don't know I don't know it's early days. I don't know what's going to happen over at Disney. I'm like at home at the moment. I'm like walking on cleaning the house out and that's been something and I've got some pitches at. Its but doing them. We had the mole book in. And we're doing them Zoom Conference saying. But everyone's like not sure if that buying things so uncertain. I don't feel like my life is a real sub story. At the moment I feel more worried about a lot of other people. I'm just trying to enjoy being home with my dog and waiting to see it's all you can really do and working on series. Ox and I just had a big conversation studio about what season two would look like. We're carrying on as if the wild is normal and making sure that we have ideas and plans for when things go back to normal whatever then you normal will look like but that's all you can really do. Josh. Thomas is the Creator and star of. Everything's GonNa be Okay Josh. Thanks so much for coming on the show. Hey thanks for having me. He's one of everything's GonNa be okay is available to stream on Hulu and that's it for today but a couple of notes before we go everyday. Kpcc AN NPR are working to bring you fact based information when you need it most so please show your support right now so that we can continue our public service during the corona virus. Pandemic any amount you give. Kpcc is vital and helping US reach our spring fundraising goal. And you'll be entered to win a Mac book pro so please give now at Kabc Dot Org and finally as of Monday. The frame will go on a temporary hiatus while I'm really GonNa miss you and the show. Our newsroom has been overwhelmed covering the pandemic. The frames exceptional production team will be redeployed to provide some much needed help to KPCC's other shows along with working with our great news anchors and reporters. As for me I won't be leaving the air entirely. No just hear me on different shows at different times. Thanks to the great team that produces the frame and Taylor mcferrin who supplies are opening theme music. I'm John Horn at the broadcast. Center will see you sometime in the future..

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