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280: The Subtle Difference Between Hand Sanitizer and Vodka, With Matthew Panzarino - burst 18



The thirteen inch macbook airs. The smallest macbook apple makes right now and seemingly for the near term future. I'm never going to say. Never you never WANNA bet against apple making things smaller and lighter but with you know the twelve point nine inch I mean. Look at twelve point nine. I mean they call it thirteen. It's actually closer to thirteen inches than a macbook air. Which is thirteen point? Three right the macbook air is three tenths of an inch bigger than thirteen. The IPAD is one tenth of an inch away from being thirteen You know it's marketing that they're calling it twelve point nine instead of thirteen but You know pound for pound size for size. The twelve point nine inch ipad pro with a portable keyboard of some sort is very very very physically comparable to Mac book air Roughly the same weight definitely the same size the eleven inch ipad pro. Or if you just want to carry around you know the IPAD air or the regular ipad which has a new interesting new keyboard from Logitech with a track pad Thai underneath that Apple worked with them in conjunction with Those devices give you a portable option for a laptop Thing that is way lighter and smaller than anything else you know and again you know like you'd delineated very well. There's certainly downsides to having the smaller screen in terms of what you can show side by side and stuff like that but It's a it all other aspects of MAC versus ipad Os software wise with the APPS in the interface. And stuff like that. Just in terms of the thing you carry around it is an option that you just. Don't

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280: The Subtle Difference Between Hand Sanitizer and Vodka, With Matthew Panzarino - burst 18

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