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One thousand two hundred eighty eight


Rate one thousand two hundred eighty eight New York remains the epicenter of cases in the U. S. with new found concern in the Midwest the White House coronavirus response coordinator zeroed in on cook county in Illinois in Wayne County in Michigan or governor Gretchen Whitmer says that she expects the virus will target major cities including Detroit part of what we're seeing in the trade is that there's such a high number of individuals who have those underlying conditions and so what you're saying now is when you have really generations of concentrated poverty when you have pandemics like this it's going to hit those places harder the house takes up the two point two trillion dollar coronavirus relief package tomorrow morning stocks surged on Wall Street after Senate passage yesterday as major indexes jump more than six percent my barbecue sack the head of the United Nations has told leaders of the world's twenty major industrialized nations during an emergency virtual summit that we are at war with the virus and not winning yet in Italy correspondent Delia Gallagher reports the hard hit nation is receiving a lot of assistance in its fight against Kobe nineteen Italy is receiving help from other countries in the US and Germany is taking patients Russia and Cuba have sent in doctors in the U. S. army has sent up seven truckloads of temporary hospital equipment stretchers wheelchairs and sheets and other equipment up to the area around Milan the Harlem Globetrotters say that former legend Fred curly Neal is died today at the age of seventy seven

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One thousand two hundred eighty eight

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