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Cases that is more than any


With the economy reeling the U. S. house is poised to vote tomorrow on a two trillion dollar rescue pack package of course the Senate approved it last night CVS's Skyler Henry reports federal reserve chairman Jerome Powell told NBC news we may already be in a recession but he says the recovery will likely be quick people are being asked to step back from economic activity closer businesses stay home from work so in principle if we get the get the virus spread under control fairly quickly then economic activity can resume and and we want to make that rebound as vigorous as possible Ford is hoping to rebound announcing it intends to re open several of its north American plants beginning April six Skyler Henry CBS news Capitol Hill meanwhile earlier today at the White House people want to go back to work I'm hearing I'm hearing you loud and clear from everybody president trump making that comment on a day when the U. S. labor department reported nearly three point three million people file for unemployment just last week that is an all time record car radios Diane tooth Wyler looks at the local numbers state employment security department reports more than an eight hundred percent increase in claims last week from the week before more than forty one thousand food restaurant hotel and other hospitality workers asked for unemployment between March fifteenth and the twenty first a one thousand percent increase but the biggest jump was for health care and people who work in social services nearly nineteen thousand new claims eight

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Cases that is more than any

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