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Nikita Dragun Doubles Down on Victorias Secret & Talks Rapper Admirer



Don't know if you remember this whole beef between Dragon. And Victoria's secret when Victoria secret's CMO said. There is no room for transgender model along those lines because transgender. They're trying to sell a fantasy first of all honey. You haven't been online dating kind of you would know that. Trans is and has always been a fantasy. This woman was not fighting for anything of inclusion and I was so proud to have her here. Please welcome someone who has changed the lingerie game. Forever Nikita Dragon. Who are you MAKINA legal real name? Okay first and foremost let me start off by saying you have the clapback of the year. That's why you're here. Yeah but when I dug deeper into your story. It's actually very interesting. So before we get to the clapback of them century. I want to start off with you. You are from Mexican in Viet Bac Mexican via background which to me seems to the most traditional backgrounds ever solid in their ways. Let me to say so. How did you live in? Come out as a trans person to two of the craziest backgrounds. I was very fortunate. I came in a very Big Entitlement family and I think ultimately my parents just wanted to see me really happy and for a while I was really content. Just being a boy I was a gateway for eighteen years of my life. Unfortunately I'm like oh no one those those I was I was really content. I came up pretty early on and I was just okay for a really long time and I had everything set up for me I had. I was living in Virginia at the time. That's where I grew up in a military family as well also not only multicultural but my parents are both from military backgrounds of both the military still to this day And it was really weird. It was really really weird. There was no gay person in my family. You know how to to talk about an uncle. Who are Ya maybe did marry a girl and maybe have some kids that you know. We don't know on the love but in my family absolutely no percent. Maho bloodline in the Dragon. Blood Line of being queer anything and I was openly gay and I was cool with that but then I just felt this weird moment. I wanted something even more. You know that point when you're just like I'm okay S. Know for sure because there was a point. Obviously I'm a black gay man from South Louisiana so coming out as gay was tough and I didn't know what gay meant so I always thought alike. Boys I must WANNA be girl. At what age did you connect that? This isn't just about being gay. This is something deeper like five. Stacks no I swear on every way everything how because how early what are you in preschool. All your five five kindergarten spiders old. I remember experience like yesterday. I fully believed when I was born that I was a woman. Swear to swan everything I just. Didn't you know obviously when you're young? You're not thinking anything. Truly just thought it was woman my parents let me play with barbies. My parents let me be really feminine. you know. Every time we used to play little video games. Brothers are cry unless I was a girl character. I truly thought I was a woman and it wasn't until I was in preschool. I would dress up with the other girls and I would play dress up. I promise dresses Preschool teacher was really cool shelter her. Yes yes login preschool on a military base you're gonna May Melanie Hainkel But it's crazy because one of the days another teacher team in from a different class and she saw me playing dress up and she was like. What are you doing like yelling at me freaking out on the teacher? This is disgusting. You're you're letting him do this. We need to call his parents. Like going really. It was really traumatic for sure. I think it was just such a crazy moment. I mean your whole world up to that point is just like finding games. You remember that I remember that. So that was the absolute first moment when I was there something different about me and I need to hide it. Who was the first person you told? Was that conversation like that. You are trans because for me. Sam Telling someone that I was gay was a liberating so for you telling someone who you truly were must have been terrifying but liberating who was the first person to trust it. I I had a really weird moment because for me the first time I ever even said it allowed was online up until that point. I was in biggest denial phase. I was like no. I'm just a super hyper feminine gay man and I was like okay with that but when I moved out here too late three years ago and started to Mike Transference and starting to the first person I've ever met with Trans but it was here And just really getting involved in that world. I just cut being so I just didn't want to accept that. Denial Phase I came out to my two best friends in. You came out to one point. Eight million people. Yes what. How does what started Nicole Journey? I turn on the camera and I was looking at the camera. I said I am transgender and I just thought well if I put out online I'm GONNA have to face. It was the first time it ever even spoken out loud. Never even said it in the mirror never even like thought of it. I just was like if I just put it out online. I'm just GONNA have to deal with it and then all of a sudden Viral and I have my aunts uncles calling me my parents or calling me the next. Stay with your mother found out he am from Youtube. Was that by design or did you just feel like if you were honest with a billion people that it would be easier that way than doing one on one. I think I did think it would be easier. I I was just so scared about what everyone would think. I'm that type of person round like I just have to jump into it and that's what I did. I literally just took the believes imbalanced jumped the rage and I mean I never thought it would become viral. I never thought people would yet all of a sudden it just blew up overnight and I was like. Oh my God now. Everyone knows about crazy movie moment for me. It's so funny because I've lived here for eight years in it takes bitches lifetimes to become snatched in you snatched it up in three mother Mir's hot. Did that transition happen. Like what was the process much money? 'cause you look expensive expensive all the time a walking investment for shore for me. I just am very goal oriented. I'm like if I see something that I want. If there's something that I wanNa do do it and I was just super determined. I mean a lot of people really were on me for transitioning as fast as they did. It took me about a year to fully transition. I just hit the ground running. I started taking hormones. And then I was like booking my appointment doing this. I've never had a sugar daddy. I've never had someone hate for anything of Mine My parents. I don't come from money background. I did everything on my own. I was going to college at the same time so it was a broke college kids or as paying my way through school on top of all that and I was also doing youtube and everything and I was living in a two bedroom apartment with four roommates and I just was so determined did didn't matter how I did it. Or how hostile? But I really wanted to do it. Differently. I came here meeting the Most Beautiful Trans Women and it release added me that so many trends girls were so beautiful wearing Lubaton out with you know all sorts of guys and being treated. Scotus says they would have to resort to sex work in order to get the money to pay for procedures and although I do not judge anyone I wasn't for it wasn't for me and I I never wanted a man or anyone to say. Oh I paid for that. Were paid for her. So I do some nasty Bahrain with. I'll do some nasty for fear town. I've definitely had some crazy offers in my day of being here and the craziest why not of course the how every ethnic everything starts out. Hunting happens in everything. Nine zero zero six nine it happens. It happens on Santa Monica Boulevard. I was on. We hope I met a guy fast forward. I was in class project on Dubai. Igored out but he was a prince and you know of a certain area and I was talking to this whole time. But he never told me that he was a frenzy which is always asked me to come to Dubai. Always asking I wanna see you got I wanna see you guys offered me a cute little penny two hundred fifteen thousand to come for a week and then it got twisted because his brother also wanted to get involved in offered me seeing them out and out. I denied it by the way turned down. Half a million

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Nikita Dragun Doubles Down on Victorias Secret & Talks Rapper Admirer

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