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Bracket Watch: Who's Making a Late Push Up the NCAA Tournament Seed Lines?


Then the blue bloods are six to ten in terms of the rankings Florida state Duke Maryland Kentucky Louisville Craig is in there ten in one poll Meryl Levin another poll and then you start to get into the meat of these teams in the big east and the big ten with Villanova Seton hall Penn state you throw all burn in there then you get a west coast team in Oregon in terms of rankings then you're back to the big ten for Iowa many got Huggy bear in their West Virginia and and I just keep going down down down the list and what was I could see West Virginia going to the final four Bob Huggins teams are a lot like god to me what Bob Huggins does a West Virginia or at least tries to is what is tries to do at Michigan state T. Jim toff Rodham hard may come play tough I mean you got him in Morgantown West Virginia if you've ever been in Morgantown West Virginia once one of the nicer dumps in America but be that as it may there's not a lot to do down there so your car you try to do you work on your game and you get top there near here in the cold in your playing defense my point in bringing this up is you look at the big east's top to bottom and the big ten top to bottom they're probably the two best teams in college basketball and you can look at Villanova and Seton hall is a team that can definitely get to the final four or again you know I'm kind of wishy washy about a little bit I need a little more Intel on them to really feel good about thinkin they they can make a deep run in the tournament we have a really talented teams this year in college basketball but I don't think we have the proverbial bird team you look at the top ten it's pretty balanced and the NC double a tournament is still about the match ups well when you just look at these teams how many jump out to you to be able to win the national championship and although in filling out a bracket then I like to know a couple of teams then I'm gonna move on right away yeah I know I'm gonna have some tough decisions this year in filling out my bracket if let's say Florida state matches up against Creighton or if Villanova goes against San Diego state where you give me a little Dayton against Maryland then do can can scan Zacha yeah you start to break those matchups down and it's like okay though those aren't so easy to be able to

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