Mediterranean Diet 101


So the Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the traditional cuisine of countries bordering the Mediterranean. A really originalist. Et Miss Way from around the nine hundred sixty s replicating their diets. These countries include Spain. Italy Greece southern Franz amongst a few others and although there is no strict definition of the Mediterranean Diet and there's no way to follow it because there are many different countries around the Mediterranean Sea. And obviously people have different foods. They eat in these areas. It really revolves around eating a high level or vegetables. Fruits whole grains nuts seeds and olive oil researchers have noted that people following these diets were very healthy when compared to Americans and they had a lower risk of many lifestyle diseases the fundamentals of the Mediterranean Diet than the consumption of vegetables whole grains and healthy fats which we talked about limiting your intake and red meat's having a moderate intake of poultry. Dairy your fish or eggs. Both a heavier focus really on seafood on poetry and considering the Mediterranean lifestyle. Not folks food elements necessarily. It's being physically active eating your friends and family and enjoying the glass of red wine. So what should you be looking to avoid if you want to fully eating patterns of these Mediterranean? Well you should be looking to avoid processed meats which we've also had leopard on so check back to that as well you want to avoid added sugars in your sodas for example you want to avoid transfats again. We've done an episode on this so such for the database and file trans fats episodes to find out more about that. You should limit you'll refined oils like your soybean oil and canola oil folks more olive oil. You should be wary of a lot of low fat products because these often have added sugars in to substitute a taste to be cautious of this and avoid refined grains like white bread and white pasta but put it into context to make it more visual vivid view. Want my day of eating look like when following a Mediterranean eating pattern lifestyle so it might be X. on toast with Avocado for breakfast. You might have something like Chemo with Bell. Peppers olives and sun dried tomatoes for lunch and for dinner. You could have something like a white fish with some sort of Greens like Kale or Aruba tomorrow. Yeah this is just an idea also chef by any means but I'm sure you've come a lot. That's a combination. Make Ready Flavor. Some helps you get a bachelor idea and if that sounds good to you then obviously Mediterranean. Diet might be something that you consider giving up those foods been for the canal. Royals the and sugars. It could be a lifestyle that better suits you. It's not too restrictive as not eating a certain time when it's not saying completely scrapped out of products for example Vegan Diet. It is more flexible than than certain diets out there. So now we've established What sorts of foods to avoid into eat and Dale Day meal plan might look like let's look at the health benefits and hopefully what from what I've already said? You should be able to understand that cutting out most junk. You're more likely to be taking in less calories unless of course rating series volumes your by following Mediterranean lifestyle. You're eating a balanced diet guessing in your vitamins and minerals from your daily routine badge on your avoiding as I said. Eating too many calories in excess. What else is that? What the study was published in England Journal of Medicine which they run them on trial of the Mediterranean diets for primary prevention of cardiovascular events. So this study. Run the assigned participants who at high cardiovascular risk with no cardiovascular disease at enrollment to one or three diets that was the Mediterranean Diet supplemented with extra virgin olive oil. The Mediterranean diet supplements mixed nuts or control diet slaver alleviated by Was to reduce dietary fats and the study had a total of seven thousand. Four hundred forty seven people in it and it found among persons at high cardiovascular risk a Mediterranean diet supplements extra-virgin Virgin Olive oil or nuts reduce the incidence of media cardiovascular events rather than the advice just reduced dietary fat of course as we always say more studies are necessary to determine whether lifestyle factors such as more physical activity or extended support systems are partly responsible for the lower incidence of heart disease and meditating countries than the US but there again are more health benefits. The relationship between the Mediterranean diets and sleep in older adults has also been examined so a sample of one thousand six hundred eighty nine adults aged sixty five years above were tested based on a self report questionnaire when I changed looking at sleep. Duration Annesley quality on the research suggested the adhering to Mediterranean dollars can help improve swiftly quality in older adults but might not effectively quality in younger people as much. The Mediterranean Diet could also be useful for people trying to lose weight as I've touched thumb a systematic review of measuring dot for long term weight loss was conducted on compared the Mediterranean diet to a low fat diet a low carbohydrate Diet and the American Diabetes Association Diet and the Mediterranean Diet resulted in greater weight loss than the low fat diet at around four point in these study but produced similar weight loss as other comparative diets. But of course as I said if you don't want to lend you carve some full of a low carb diet but usually eats whole grains than the the Mediterranean diets may suits. You better really depends what works for you. You don't mind limiting what you what you. Thurmond focusing on but to me. It doesn't sound too restricted at. It's more as I said of a lifestyle. It's not just ate the food. Avoid these foods. It's about being physically active about being preached to give your food. It's about just eating. Organic healthy produce should help you make healthy lifestyle choices else As

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