What you need to know about the South Carolina Democratic primary


Right three things I think you need to know it's a huge deal huge deal what else is huge well I'm glad you asked glad you asked James Clyburn is a congressman Democrat congressman from South Carolina and South Carolina is next up when is it coming up in like is debate tomorrow when is the twenty twenty eight twenty nine something like that anyway Joe Biden original months ago all right even a month ago I'm gonna I'm gonna kill in South Carolina because there's more black people there tonight when they Love Me they look really they love you all of a sudden Joe Biden's gonna backing down from that job just a little bit but anyway with Bernie and bubbly Bernie when he won Nevada he is he's gonna run through everything I don't think he can be stopped I mean who's gonna stop focal how does barely forgot this Biden and but a judge are out of money and begging people for money thank god this is already in the red cheese cheese toast so who's gonna who's gonna stop Bloomberg yeah okay best elected body best of luck show and that that's the only thing that the Democrats want and that's why they they changed everything media everybody changed everything about the debate about Bloomberg was a change at all anyway James Clyburn he was on ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos about Bernie Bernie is going to cost the house he things listen what you're already starting to see these these attacks sued for his background as a democratic socialist socialist how deep will that cut in South Carolina and if he's the nominee do you think you could put the house majority in danger a lot of people think so I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry an extra verses of Carolina and south Carolinians are printed lyrics about that title socialist and so I think that that would be a real burden forests in these states or congressional districts but we have to do well at if you look at how will we did the last time and look at the congressional districts these are not liberal or what you might call progressive districts yes we're moderate and conservative districts that we did well then and in those districts is going to be tough to hold on to these jobs if you have to make the changes for accepting is self proclaimed a democratic socialist oh boy they set Carolinians are gonna they're not gonna go for that whole socialist thing not going to be no New Hampshire well I will really be in Arabic yeah this goes to show how bad the Democrats are but he's saying look we we can have a tough time with a back all these areas again we won these house seats they they were they were conservative or moderate district your like hardcore lefty areas we're screwed we're screwed they're already said no firearms listen a lot of Republicans didn't think trump would have a chance going back twenty sixteen right but not many of them will come out and see the things they're saying right now about Bernie Sanders the does the depths they were like at trump's going to because this is the only one that did a privately that I know of was Martha McSally which you have a group of bankers in twenty seventeen which is a congresswoman we have the audio to prove it he said she said trump's gonna handed the house to the Democrats is really **** it up for us Baba I mean which is why it's impossible for us to trust anything she says nowadays or if you would just be a minute you know I was wrong will go a long way wouldn't this is a fight about anyway so one more from clubber this time is talking to CNN it's another example of how Bernie's gonna make it hard for Democrats to get elected listen and we are trying to rebuild our product you sound like a lot of your time to elect more people to Congress there only two of the seven members from South Carolina Democrats and then we have a candidate Jim Harris is running for the U. S. state Senate he is of great interest to us and we think we have an opportunity to pull off a great win in South Carolina Virginia Harrison and so we are concerned about having it take it from top to bottom that we can really be successful with wow it's gonna make us make it tough Democrats are so nervous they are so nervous because they see this is a loser now you can't take anything lightly you can't take anything for granted but trump's come out media he graduated burning over the weekend I want to get gradually Bernay that's what I wind see yet it looks to me that he wants Bernie to be the guy and I think it's all strategic player because it's gonna help like I said it's going to engage it's it's it's gonna it's gets basically going to how do I freeze this the right way I'm it's going to make it easier for we can it's it's gonna get the stronger ones more engaged and it's gonna get weak ones pushed over the line because the Democrats are gonna have to say yes I support a socialist communist guy or I guess no one then go against the party like that so I think strategically this is a brilliant thing we've talked about this and and the one person that could really benefit if Daniel Carr these is not able to get on the primary the one person of course is Martha she's the one we'll see we'll

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