Coronavirus can live in air for 3 hours, study finds


About the latest information that's out there about how long the corona virus stays alive and I quoted that number of three hours airboard and I want to supplement that comment that was the result of the study that was done by Princeton University and UCLA and posted by the national institutes for health not everyone believes that that is correct and that is not a peer reviewed study I have right now on the side of marketwatch dot com is the coronavirus airborne like measles the answer now that they're getting is the jury is out as of Thursday today it did not appear to be an airborne virus like say measles or chickenpox and according here Luiz S. drops the professor and vice chairman of internal medicine at McGovern medical school in Houston Texas it's a virus that travels in droplets this is very good news with an airborne virus one person can infect the whole room now for the bad news airborne transmission is plausible according to a study and that's the one that's been out there for several days posted that this week from scientists at Princeton University the university of California Los Angeles the LA and the national institutes of health and with the idea to put this on its website this is what led people to believe that it is their board that research concluded the virus could remain airborne for up to three hours post Ariel as they should so in other words I don't think we know for certain although many people believe that it's droplets only meeting that there has to be an actual physical form of the virus out there dropping in landing on something others are saying that it is plausible that it could be airport in terms of the high rate of infection it clearly is one that is rather easily

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