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Heavy Social Distancing


Feel like everyone is pretty freaked out about crony virus for very good reason. It's very freaky and it just seemed like I don't know like why not it's for you and me like we got something out of it. We get to talk and hang out and maybe stop thinking about her for a little while and also for the struggle buddies who maybe just like want something. I feel like a lot of people are trying really hard to think about Think about things and watch things and listen to things that aren't completely terrifying also elections and politics and there's a lot happening in the world so we're trying to do something nice for you while we're both well at least speaking on my behalf freaking out a little. Bit New York just declared a state of emergency and there's a bunch of things my show might be cancelled. There's there's a lot of things happening right now. That are very scary for me and I could really use this fun time with you sally. Yeah let's have a fun time. I'm I'm doing okay. I mean I find this to be pretty scary just I feel Scared about like the the fact that the dumbest meanest man on the planet is in charge of taking care of us right now. That feels scary. I I worry about people who can't work from home or like don't have paid leave which we should all have right now. We should all have that always anyway. people who like have to go to work You know like the fact that we can't rely on the government to support US during a healthcare crisis of this magnitude is just like fucking awful in scary so that is getting me down and like it's also just like you know if you read enough science fiction you know this is the this is kind of like the nightmare. Fuel of many a dystopia novel. So it's scary shit And you know at the same time I feel like it's important to be kind of realistic about you. Know what the data is showing us. And what the risks are and stuff like that because I personally Work really hard not to spiral down the drain of catastrophic thinking. And so this has really put me to the test But you know I'm doing okay. I'm doing okay And I have to say PA- go ahead go ahead. I was going to say it's hard not to You know when when people like myself and you have a catastrophic thinking earnings when it actually does happen when the bad things do happen to recognize it and also understand like okay. This is real. This is not in my imagination and honor it and give it some space and let yourself sit with it because it is you know. I don't want to bum everyone out but this is very serious. It's very and the way in which you put it. I think is the best way is that we wish that the people we elected the people we pay their taxes to Would be helping us out more and unfortunately we are now helping our neighbors out quite literally and figuratively without getting into great detail. I do have people directly affected by this virus who have been tested positive. And that's very scary to me. Not because I can't get over it because I'm younger and healthy as it were but I know people whose immune systems are compromised or people who are older and it would terrify me to pass this on. So I'm rethinking the Wayne which I'm doing many things right now because it's it's here and it's happening in Israel. Yeah Yeah Yeah I agree I'm like I have to say that. Like today has been better for me than yesterday because this is the first day that. I'm seeing a lot of places and people and like things rethink what they're doing and I you know I i. There are like much more event cancellations and much more of things like closing down and schools closing and stuff like that which you know it. It sucks and is terrible and it. It harms people financially and the whole thing is really fucked up and at the same time this is what needs to happen to contain this to the extent that we can and what I yesterday and earlier in the week I was getting I was feeling really anxious like it just felt like so many people were behaving like business is business as usual like people who were holding big events or going into work or were employers some employers stiller doing it and it's terrible And I feel today like like. There's more of a like kind of wakeup call and I don't. I don't know if it's because of like Tom. Hanks Wilson's husband about that. Yeah I feel like it's because Rita Wilson's husband tested positive and So now people are taking it seriously so you know I like the whole thing is really scary but I guess what I'm saying is that like there are also reasons to like be reassured throughout all of this So anyway I don't know I guess we maybe. Let's not talk about because many people don't want to hear the survival rate is very high. I mean the chances of succumbing to this very low so it's sort of important to note that but I think you brought up a great point that at least we're now looking at societal contract. We're looking at the fact. Pay Leave things like that are now becoming real to people if they weren't before So I think that's that's the silver lining I guess. Yeah Oh there's one more silver lining sally. Tell me Watson the dog next door. Oh yeah now that. His owners are working from home. No more barking. Oh my God I had. I left some good news. I have slept so well. 'cause watching doesn't bark when the owners leave because they're not only in fact. I saw him on the street today. I'm like working from home. They don't know me in real life so I didn't say hi to them but I watched them across the street and I was like well. Well well. The Old Silver Lining Watson is finally S. T. F.

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Heavy Social Distancing

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