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Congress, Iran And Robert Levinson discussed on Free Talk Live


Coronavirus task force briefing New York governor Andrew Cuomo had requested the ship to be used for possible overflow for corona virus patients Dr Deborah perks is leading the response efforts saying that despite reports there is no reality where sixty to seventy percent of Americans are going to get infected in the next eight to twelve weeks the tally from Johns Hopkins University shows the United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed cases with over eighty two thousand there are eighty one thousand cases in China in eighty thousand in Italy which is the most confirmed deaths with more than eight thousand tomorrow the house is expected to vote on the third phase of the coronavirus stimulus package but due to a virus protocols it will be done in a different way house leaders from both parties hope to approve a two trillion dollar economic rescue bill by voice focused simple yelling of yea or nay from members the latter side prevails but any single member of Congress can request a recorded vote forcing members to vote manually in the house chamber if that happens the capital position in house sergeant at arms have issued a memo indicating strict social distancing practices to keep lawmakers and staff at least six feet apart who's procedures would include members of Congress voting in groups of thirty to limit the number of people in the house chamber at any given time in Washington Jared Halpern fox news FBI director Christopher Wray said the bureau won't give up on finding what happened to former agent Robert Levinson who went missing in Iran America.

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Congress, Iran And Robert Levinson discussed on Free Talk Live

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