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Other countries are taking advantage


C. Cola if you're lucky how is the city our our the citizens reacting to this settlement that'll work fine for somebody who's living in Poughkeepsie but isn't going to work real well for folks living in the city well of course the cost of living as you mentioned before is dramatically higher in New York City average rent for a relatively modest apartment not even in Manhattan the they did cover the city but even in the outer boroughs are you're talking about twenty five hundred dollars so it may be a married couple will get one month's rent out of it well and that's basically that that is not for the lap of luxury that's maybe a one bedroom maybe a sun room a living room a dining room small kitchen and probably just one bathroom maybe two that's what I would figure would be available for that kind of money and we get that second part but actually two bedrooms and two bathrooms that's a another heart of luxury in certain parts of the city you're looking at something even smaller than that for the most part while well I really feel for it going through everything that you're going through in New York because I I love the city I haven't been there all that much I had to live there for six weeks in an earlier career and I had more fun there then and and I ever had and I've always enjoyed

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Other countries are taking advantage

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