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The gas station assistant manager husband works and grocery store yeah


Station assistant manager husband works and grocery store yeah and we are in a small town in in Michigan that is a tourist town I am on hello I'm nervous so I went blank that's a security disability unemployment okay I'm sorry and so I understand I will be getting this unemployment plus the six hundred it's kinda like broke my son's spirit though because people who are not working that out in the workforce and prone to get this and they're going to be getting double of what he's making and working and being out in the environs no I think you're you're wrong on that nothing in the correct me if I'm wrong but your side if he is making seventy five thousand dollars a year or less and he's not married I will be getting the full twelve hundred dollars the full twelve dollar check your husband that you talk about works a grocery store it less you've got you all have a combined Greg gross income you will be getting the twenty four hundred dollars so I think that that's that's key that that again for you what you're making adjusted gross income of a hundred fifty thousand more you're not with unemployment likely in that position so you'd still be getting those those checks are on top of your salary so it's not gonna take away for your salary you're still going to your son still going to get that check and I don't know if he's married or not so it might be twelve hundred might be twenty four hundred and your husband is as well and and again likely that'll be a twenty four hundred because you you're married so I think I think I'm correct on that down there is that issue about the six hundred dollars explain that to people yes so there's a couple things in play here first of all there's the stimulus check with your actual accurately describe Jordan everybody described in that situation would be getting that check and then there's the expanded unemployment insurance benefits which obviously only someone who lost their job would get in Jordan there was some concern specifically on the Republican side of the aisle that there might be some very narrow circumstances where someone who loses their job temporarily gets a little bit more than someone who keeps their job in Jordan that's not ideal it is going to happen in a couple places that I would just make this plea to Meredith and anyone else listening the ability to retain your job is far more valuable than just for a few weeks or a few months getting a few more dollars in your yeah that's how it is on the other side of this you still have your job so it's not perfect some of these things are gonna happen but I would just say that your son's job I think it was your son that's more valuable than a few more dollars and it's going to be right now having one of those jobs is key play places are going to stay open throughout

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The gas station assistant manager husband works and grocery store yeah

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