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The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 797 Sitcom Draft - burst 02


They're running trying to keep people occupied with baseball or bringing y'all podcast so as we've been saying we're GONNA get through this. It stinks but we're going to figure it out we're GONNA start with some bad news but then we're GonNa have another fun draft predate those listen to the video game draft. That was a lot of fun. Big Dub for your boy obviously dominated and I'll get. I'll catch another doug today in the Sitcom draft. Can't wait can't wait. Let's start with the With the awful move news and this is probably not going to be the last one of these that we get with the pitchers who you know whether it's we still know if any of these are like coin toss cases where they're saying could've played if we were playing regular season and gone. You know may be a little less effectiveness or or if they just fully needed no matter. What but Noah syndergaard a torn UC l? And he's going to get Tommy John Surgery. And that's a huge bomber. That's a huge huge bomber regardless of how much or when we get a season because now he's out until you know next June and so Obviously I'M GONNA have to move off my my syndergaard love to the to the level that I've I've been a fan. I this is you know I think one of the things that we have to really change a little bit as a as baseball community is pretending that it's a one hundred percent thing it just it's all good everyone comes back from. Tj Rite of passage. No worries. We don't know now and he won't Bitch again until he's twenty eight and this this. This stinks again. I don't have any other words for other than this bites. So what are you thinking about though right now and I guess. The real question is Dynasty League situations With an with a year plus I mean almost a year and a half of game

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The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 797 Sitcom Draft - burst 02

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