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Whiskey Quickie: Yellowstone Select Bourbon



This whiskey we're looking at yellowstone select. This is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey. This is a non h dated. Release is proofed around ninety. Three ninety. Three proof in the price is a SRP of forty dollars. I think they're like neighbors with makers they are there around that area. Yeah so let's go ahead and dive in. Do you think of the Nose Light. Light kind of will sicher is maybe Kinda Great. Kinda white grape punch. Note I'll throw at you honey subtle. Yeah I get that a little bit. I just as you said it but I do get there. You go all right so the taste very honey. I mean it's it's like honey grams or something like honey Graham cereal or than its body rely on it doesn't it doesn't really hit you kind of just like Kinda just melts over your palate. A little bit yeah. It's like honey on a biscuit and it's like dripping and melting down. It is that weird I don't know and I know you've got to Campsie. Hey you put honey biscuit. I'm all about it. Yeah absolutely all right. Let's go let's just go ahead and rate this so on those we're going to be out here thumbs up. I kind of like it all right in the taste for how young it is kind of like it comes up. Yeah well it's

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Whiskey Quickie: Yellowstone Select Bourbon

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