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COVID-19: women will be more affected, but play central role in the fight



Tend to affect men and women differently on specialists in gender issues. Wanting the coverted nineteen corona virus may hit women in negative ways that have a more profound impact on families. Women make up the majority of caregivers at home and in our communities existing trends show they have less access to sexual and reproductive health and domestic violence rises during crises. But women have also the power to be change makers in the response agenda playing a central role in communicating with families and with communities. You A news and Shoe. Shama spoke to you and women's deputy country representative in India. Niece thaw such him Bush that in any disaster in any And to make the experience across the board women goes the most one group Because or at the margins locked scared response or nutrition accordingly Aniline circumstances there's been a disproportionate amount of on big A. K. Work that falls on Amex photos dresses of their abilities. So I think it wouldn't be an underestimate. Say that any impact of calm or of any pandemic it far more on women. Good in such circumstances you really get is also a very gordon. Lead to increase in violence against remained noting discrimination against Nagging Inc among unspoiled across the globe. And there's evidence From previous is to say that This is how things out so e just to establish that the impact on Adminis- File Creek and also gone far longer because they come into the recovery petition. I'd go much ASTA People were not at dodgers So I hope that answers your question. How long is it going to take? I think it's very difficult to say anything right now. Could different countries respond to different abilities of his born and I think in Europe being the diverse country that is already seeing some interstate variances in how the disease or the virus spreading to? I think it's very very soon exceed what will happen. How long will be all that can be said is going to be very very important as change maker in the Response Agenda? Judy because they do each of these decisions that whom they children. There's also a lot of woman appear to be a networking over the dentist phone. And therefore very very good change agent for passing on information acting upon it and also ensuring greater hygiene and briefly held standards the household and energy. Eventually do you think the problems of the urban working women are different from the urban and Rural Poor in discusses? The distinction between all of these categories I think over England of now as we see that the home is val become public speech right as you pretty cramped up into the same space and public speakers have been more deserted. I think commit safety security perspective. I think life has completely changed for oven. Working Women also from an unpaid can work now talking before this call but being back home even for each one of us has just met meant more demand on our own personal happens to provide for each other and care work after the kitchen so suddenly I think that God has gone most triple over the period of time and pick up into one space. I think it will also reduce the insecurity so I do think that. Any instance like this distinctly And differently of demand for urban or urban and working and then we'll and Reuben so We'll see some of that in the coming days. We're also seeing that a lot of actually the migrant communities badly affected by the lockdown and many of them women so a house do you and women working with other agencies to help these women in the crisis your guide I think Migrant migrant women domestic workers wage worker walk. The frontline have been most affected by something like this Partially because of lack of information or the information digs down control to them Also the fact that is I mean this. Also kind of takes away that economic franchise and that they had and also because the job displacement because opinions on not going to two million or even home circumstances that's it I think on marginalized groups are more vulnerable to be impacted by crisis like this. Not Just my community You and movement is working for donating the Union's response from agenda perspective along leadership with the CEO of your Unisex so we're now looking at a three big areas of work. One is lending support to stock mechanisms. Is How do we change into mission in how similarly bills countries are responding to the virus to East Calgary Youth and data cadre of the nectar representatives to the point ever following? But how do we use them? Effectively and the thought of course is access economic involvement. Which is we know that. A lot of franchise that origin. Peterman canty has been derived from the actress to work and from the economic security record and We don't want this spend make to be To kind of take that away from them and they take away the voice choice agency so the idea. More or develop mechanisms stores programs policies. That enable more work from more Bruce which means particularly for example making factory. Workup basically get to after not being able to congregate. How do we work? Funny Tennessee with private and public sector enterprises to ensure export bungee news in some way or the other and economics franchise or going to meet. He's not dropped it but again. I think we're all beginning to learn from each other at this point. We're beginning to think of the response than I think. We'd ought not strong foot in just about two days of you will have a gender dispense package. Wbz again ministries and State Department. Who are willing to work with

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COVID-19: women will be more affected, but play central role in the fight

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