New Rams logo and colors finally unveiled for all to see


Yesterday we saw. What was it two weeks ago a month ago. Something like that. A leaked tap that we thought might be. The Rams New logo thankfully what we saw is not the rams new logo. They did release their new logo. Yesterday I think most people have probably seen it but what it is is it's a white. La and coming out of the top of the A. is a much more modernized. Stylized Ram horned the kind of wraps through the middle of the A A and it it. It's Vodka Tive of what we've seen in the past with the rams horns but it is definitely a new look. We've seen a much more stylized RAM head with the yellow the gold horns wrapped around and much more stylized skull. The rapid stuff. What did you guys make the Rams New Logo? What a show. Okay that says a lot to get all that actually. I don't like it me personally. But that's just me. I don't have to weird I don't have to be associated with it at that level I talked to the original logo. The one that they came back to La with the one that they left with I'm just not when it comes to certain iconic franchises. I try to keep everything the same you know in in it just. I don't know it looks like it will be overly critical. It just doesn't doesn't hold against the old one let's put it that way Or you know you and I travel. We talk when something was leaked. And I told you in reminded me of that World Team Tennis Organization as an Orange County. Call the breakers moving on the. Yeah there for second. I'm GonNa you know it's funny so I thought I'm going to be honest. I Wanna I sound like Oh okay the more I look at it. The more uncomfortable with it and the more it has grown on me. I didn't love it at first. I like the RAM head. I liked to. It's the the ran had itself. I think is very very cool. The RAM head. I think is something that you're GonNa see on a lot of hats and t shirts and things like that. I think that looks pretty slick. What more does not be on the side of the helmet though? That's why I think I need to see the uniform to see because I don't need it saying L. A. With the Ra- I don't need no much going on RAM head and I don't eat L. A. Much. I think the helmet should be the horns. We'll see the uniforms are going to come later. But I do think when we see the uniforms. That'll kind of all bring together. I don't like the La with the Hornets because quite honestly the horn the way that stylized it looks a little bit like the chargers lightning bolt which I don't think you want it to look like but generally speaking I think when it all comes together if that RAM head is prominent. If that's kind of thing that we go with more and more often and as long as the the helmet stays relatively the same. I think he's going to work out pretty well. Why do you need to change though you know you? Moving into a new stadium to Dallas. Cowboys didn't change. They moved into a new stadium right. I mean when you when you look at some of the. I can't conic franchises. That are out there. Yeah they altered their logos but the New England patriots was not an iconic franchises prior to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick surival. They've gone to the super bowl super bowls. They lost both of them. They had the Patriots Guy with the what was it. Three point stance guy. Was it three point. Three point stance guy but it's the New England patriots where the Green Bay packers on the other hand. That's been the same got the G. That thing has been like that as long as I remember. Well there are some certainly have stayed the same for ever and in most of the other ones though if we're being honest change fairly frequently but they do change and they get up dated and they get modernized and I think this is the way that the rams are doing it and if you are moving into a new stadium it does feel like the right time to do it. I love the colors that they picked. I know that they're described it. You know you look at it right now. And it's a soul and rams royal or the two colors that they're using and but the colors are right liked it. That gold has gone. I like the blue and the yellow. I think the colors are good will see with uniforms. Look like but the more I look at the more it is grown on me is in particular the rams at the colors. I like the rams old colors. 'cause I can envision Air Dixon running in that in in you know Vince for gown will drop them back and planning at Coliseum or playing in Anaheim stadium so the colors. I like that. They really didn't change them. I mean that's basically the throwbacks. If you want to say that are so. We'll talk to the Fed. I'm just curious about the fit. I'm just curious about the actual fit of the clothes like to me if the fit of the clothes. Nice and the fabric and materials that is made with. It's nice that will overcome any disappointed. You may have with the logo. Our where some gear? If it looks right. It's it's fitness right but if it doesn't fit right and I don't like the logo then. I got nowhere to

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