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President, Federal Government And France discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


A couple for loans because they ask for privacy at this time last night Frank four point five please earlier today the president mentioned something similar as a possible treatment of nineteen at my direction the federal government is working to help up to a large quantities of floor plans and we think it might work on this based on the evidence presented strong evidence the active ingredient also founded a cleaner to kill algae is currently being prescribed in France for one study suggests that it works for prices for his rapid at the very least we should all be following developments of hydroxy four places with interest and measured by what trump is for they're against it even if it might save American lives with reactive children's game changer that is how president trump describes the anti malarial drug chloroquine it has not yet been approved in Arizona one man has died after an apparent attempt to self medicate with that drug so during the course of that segment by the way CNN never mentioned the man eight querying cleaner and not medicine they lied about the.

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President, Federal Government And France discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

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