Your Undiscovered Opportunity During This Time of Crisis


Stew. Welcome back to the SBA podcast. Thanks for joining me man. Yeah listen I appreciate you having me? Thanks so much times are crazy right. Now as you know and unite chatting the attacks or like do we gotta come together and do this podcast. Because there's a lot of people who need help this'll be added onto our toolkit page at smart passive income dot com slash which has a few emergency episodes that we've already recorded internally with our team. I'm happy to reach out to you because you've been focused really hard on helping others during this crisis well specifically in and around new opportunities related to building memberships because community is really important right now and it's always been but even more so now just tell us a little bit about what's going through your head recently. What you're traveling up to and how people are making great opportunities in the moment that we're in right now. Well it's interesting because you know there's really two sides to the coin and I don't want to minimize it all the seriousness of what's happening because you have a friend of mine. Carrie who's an ER nurse you know? She's actually living in a trailer in her driveway. Right now to be separated from her husband and kids so that you know she doesn't impact them in any way and so I see here it on the front lines of the health side and then I also see it hear it on the front lines of the business side and the ripple effect so many businesses are experiencing one of my groomsmen in my wedding. Mike he owns a restaurant and sales completely dried up. You know friend of my wife. Lindsey owns a brewery and things have gotten a lot harder for them and we have another friend Natalie and her husband wound multiple coffee shops and again things are really hard so I understand and feel the impact in weight of that but the other side of the coin. Is that what it's done is The there's never been a time now. When more people are online spending more time online than right now and in fact there was a research study that was released two weeks ago out of the UK and they survey two thousand people and they ask them. What are they looking to do? During the quarantine and these people sixty nine percent of them said that they want to use this time they wanNA use this time to be more productive and learn a new skill. Things like gardening things like coating things like a new language or instrument or whatever it may be and so people wanna be productive. Fifty seven percent of the people surveyed said that they're looking forward to using the time to pursue passions. And so what we're seeing. Is this play out in our tribe membership community where people's memberships are actually booming right now Levi who retired membership. He seeing his sales literally triple during this time. We see Emily Jeffords who just finished the launch for her membership. That helps artists. She welcomed three hundred sixty seven new members with two emails to instagram. Lives and a few social posts or Tamra Bennett. Who just welcome four hundred and twenty new members into a membership helping people paint. Decorative door hangers. And I've got lots of examples of people right now. During this time who are thriving because people want to be productive. They WANNA use this time. And so there's that there's also the fact that we can't get community the way in which we normally do. We can't get into church. We can't get into schools who can't get it on our sports teams and so because of that people still crave it but they membership perfectly support staff in that community aspect and lasted what I would say in. This is really where I want to encourage. People is that all of this has really just created a whole new set of problems. That weren't there before problems. That are waiting for savvy entrepreneurs to solve for example. You and I. We both have young kids and we are. You know two of millions of parents who have been thrust into becoming homeschooling parents because of the shutdown schools and so what we know we don't want we know we don't want our kids on the IPADS and you know in front of the TV all day but the question is like well. What do we do you know as so? This is like an example of a problem that has emerged waiting for people. Like you know Anna Gilio. She has a membership site that provides teachers lesson plans. She's made a slight pivot and she's launched a new membership site providing parents those same lesson plans or KC hope you know Casey Story. I love you know. She sent me this unbelievable message on Instagram. And she just said. I'm just so grateful that I've learned how to create an online membership. She said because she is a a brick and mortar art studio then. She said she had to make the tough decision to close it. And she said normally I would have been freaked out like how am I going to pay my employees? At How am I gonNA pay myself for. Is this business even going to survive this time? She said but I don't have any of that anxiety because my online membership her calligraphy membership is bridging. That gap now similarly. What she did is that she also saw. There's an opportunity here. Millions of parents don't know what to do with their kids. She's like every day. We teach kids how to paint. Why can't we just teach them online? So her and her team spun up a new membership site within a week ended up welcoming over three hundred new members teaching kids. Art Lessons Sharing that with you because there is another side to the coin here and we got to pay attention to that and it's an opportunity that just waiting for entrepreneurs to show up and serve and this is a good time to do

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