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Photographing Lake Baikal of Siberia


We have left Moscow. We have come to lake. Baikal Cyberia What's your first impression? Here city of her cuts was much bigger than expected. People very nice very impressed by the mixed culture. Lot Lake I spent some time in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and Romo Brandon me. A lot of that. What do you think of the lake itself? We're on top of the Nick Right now. as I said before it's a surreal experience. I've been out on frozen lakes and northern New York and I've seen some pressure cracks in my day but nothing compared to what I'm looking at right now so it's too bad Microphone doesn't really pick up. The sounds the is makes because as we speak in the background. Cracks are forming in the distance. So now we're here in the afternoon and the Sun's coming through these cracks angle and it's just a their shapes in reflections that Unlike anything I've ever seen and I haven't seen that many photographers dropped to their bellies on purpose. This quickly because everyone wants to get close into the action. Every turn you see something unique in the In an ice formation crack something. It never ends all right. Thank you andy so Let's continue explore some of this office beauty of the lake. Thank you you're welcome. I recorded this with any Just a couple of days ago when we first went on the is for the very first time is really very fresh impression and Yes now we have a couple days On the ice already and I I'M GONNA try to get some more impressions from some of the others on the tour because For the last two days we've had smiling faces left and right because look yeah. It is very diverse. Diverse is is is so different from what everyone expected and I've tried to capture some of that. It's eight o'clock in the morning. I'm out on the League. Getting up at seven is is hard but Yeah we were doing a bit of a sunrise shoot. Well we as in everyone on the group On their own. Because we didn't know who wanted to sleep in and who didn't but yes and is coming up around eight eight. Oh five right now. So it's up to you okay. I mean I've been to other places where the sun was up so much earlier but Here the sunrises great and We are staying in the Frigate Hotel at all island which is like the series of bungalows. And it's this little tip of the island is so where we stay is surrounded by the lake so you walk out two minutes down to the lake and then you're on the lake and here is some really nice. Black is with Some methane bubble. I would try to capture some of those in the foreground but the Sun rising behind also snow on the ice you can you can hear that So it's the mixture between that and now on the ice right next to the snow. So there's this amazing variety of textures and Yeah I'm do my best to to catch some that still tired though I am. I am smiling so such a big smile just with my head into an ice cave you right now. There's or Horn island. Which is the biggest island on Lake Baikal or in Lake Baikal and we just drove over here and on the way we stopped at different ice caves and this ice case. Okay so they come into existence when when everything freezes but it's not quite frozen so the rockets very cold and then storms whip the water against the rocks. And this is this. This creates these caves of different sizes that you can kind of slide into that are like I. We're talking thousands and thousands of ICICLES hanging from above you pointing donuts different sizes and it's it's pretty safe so worried about anything and it just looking out of these caves I will. I will definitely have to share a few photos of this because it is mind blowing beautiful and to standing here looking at it. The words do not make it justice. This is yeah. It's hard to describe. Even a photo can't really give you the full the full feeling of what this feels like. When you stand here in the elements with these ICICLES. Yeah let me take a few photos and put them somewhere. I think they'll probably be a link in the show notes. We can take a look

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Photographing Lake Baikal of Siberia

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