The Rise And Fall (And Rise?) Of NASCAR


Couple of weeks ago. I found myself at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach Florida riding shotgun in a souped up race car attempting to hold onto my lunch as I- careened around the steep embankments of America's most famous race track at one hundred and twenty miles per hour on this kind of fun on Sunday. Morning in the driver's seat was Matt Humphrey the director of Racing Communications for Nascar. Now imagine doing this though. Two hundred miles per hour with thirty nine of your closest friends. Five by side knows the tail for three hours. You have to be in great shape. Yet and nerves of steel. Every year legions of race fans descend on this speedway for the big event in American motorsports the Daytona five hundred. Were they let you ride shotgun during the race right? Alaska was not writing during the race. Which is probably for the best of the best But seriously the Daytona. Five hundred is known as the great American race. It is one of the most attended sporting events in the country. Come Race Day the Standard Daytona can hold more than a hundred thousand screaming fans and by comparison if you look at football the NFL's largest stadium has a capacity of about eighty thousand but this year the super bowl of racing comes at a precarious time for Nascar the sports governing body in recent years. It has seen its TV ratings. And attendance numbers plummet. This is the indicator plant money. I'm Darius Rafi on and I'M GARCIA SHOW NASCAR facing a dilemma that a lot of businesses face. What do you do when you're winning? Formula is no longer so winning. Can NASCAR attract a new generation of fans without alienating the people that made the company so successful in the first place or is one of America's most popular spectator sports heading for crash? Oh Yeah I went there.

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