Ding Dongs in the Way


Book back to almost famous minute. Where we're discussing. The two thousand Cameron Crowe Film almost famous. One Minute at a time. I'm Eric Nash. From feels like weezer foresight from. Let's say edge of tomorrow minute. Mcc pleasant From the World. I'm a comedy writer and Just elated welcome. Suzy glad to have you on my. I think I became most aware of you at least kind of recently from a star wars minute and and then then even recently. You're on bull. Durham in it. I got I am tearing up the minute scene. Yeah it's pretty great. You're knocking out a wide range of genres to hear from. Yeah yeah to the sports to the Rock Rock Music Rock Music David. This is your first time with us too. I shouldn't they certainly shouldn't forget you but you're kind of our our unofficial co host happening. He's cuppers minutes that we're going to have you. Yeah good good to be here Big Fan of this movie some. I'm happy to do as much. Co host duties. You need me for saying yeah thank you. Yeah we always have. We always have either of you back For other minutes but this man is meant forty six week and it starts with Russell getting electrocuted and ends with Marc Maron yelling at the band in the electrocution scene man. That's pretty grisly. I think Russell does a pretty good job of well not Russell. But you know that actor's name thank you. Yeah it seems to try and say it disappears from Ed. Bill does a good job of making me feel like he is a real lump of meat that just got cooked on a state of man. It's it's disturbing Yanni really keeps it up to. I mean it's there's there's parts during the sped next to especially Where he just he just really continues to be really out of it really well that they didn't know one called it an ambulance. That's buried the seventy lake. We're like mine. You're just got electrocuted a little bit. Because because I've got a little bit of a morbid streak I had to look up other famous onstage electrocutions. Ooh Yeah so Turns George Harrison was electrocuted in the let it be documentary so you can actually watch him put his lips to the megaphone and get like a little shaky doesn't collapse or anything like that but he does sort of back off shows a little bit of visible pain and you can find that clip on YouTube Keith Richards I was thinking I was going to have to wait until Peter Jackson's done here with Dr. Welby reassembling of Lee keeping it in keeping that part. Maybe that'll be the focus of it. Now lose be like the movie where George gets electrocuted Keith. Richards was also electrocuted. But it was much more like what happens on stage here In nineteen sixty five in Sacramento. His Guitar bumped into an ungrounded MIC stand. Apparently sparks flew in. There was a loud bang and the manager actually thought that Keith had been assassinated. They did rush him to the hospital unconscious and heap. He did not wake up until I think it was later that day in the hospital and he woke up and said man that was good. Probably Rush. I think I'll do that. I thought of. I haven't seen a movie since it came out in theaters And so I forgot. I forgot everything because I know a larger memory and yeah so when I watched the minute before I went back in like watch the rest of the movie And I was like Oh if he on drugs flake I was like are they pretending to be elected because he's on drugs like I couldn't remember if there was like a drug thing so anyway but but it makes sense that he gets electrocuted. I guess it's just like because you don't think about rockstars. Getting electrocuted probably happens a lot less than it did in the seventy S or sixty S. Or whatever when you know now that technology is pretty good like but I wonder if anybody has recently only guess you looked it up like actually. Isn't that famous? Still have you for sure there? I mean there's a long string of them from the seventy so it was definitely like a you know we quit and quite figured out how to ground these things yet. like As freely was electrocuted from kiss and he actually wrote a song about it called shock me later on and then but there are actually people who died from electrocution In the seventies. Yeah Yeah let's Harvey from stone. The crows which was sort of a pub rock band in the early Seventies. He died in in Wales from poorly grounded. Mike Electrocution and Keith Ralph. From the yardbirds died in his basement recording studio from an improperly grounded guitar apparently but yet there's actually a kind of a grisly video. You can find of the band. Hot Hot heat Playing an outdoor festival in Ohio. Somewhere in I don't remember exactly what year it was like. Fairly like the twenty tens. I think where the one of the guitar players get electrocuted and collapses and it's very similar to this like no one really realizes what's happened until he's been laying on the ground for a couple of seconds and then you know the music kind of slowly fades out and everyone in the crowd was like what's going on and it so it's it's still sort of a modern problem. I think trying to put on an outdoor show with you know. Weather conditions in long runs of cable across a field and things like that makes it more dangerous. But Yeah Yeah. I didn't realize how dangerous rock and roll lists the threat and there's other I think really good acting and decides besides just Russell Billy's You know I mean there's there's all this confusion is going on you know and then that's that's actually what jeff bb says. Hey what's going on we here? We also hear like this. Maybe I got it from somewhere or some Transcript site whatever but stinking stinking roads you know so. A roads roads fender bass wise at coming roads. Some some kind of Either Anchor Guitar. Some sort is the root. It's like a brand name erodes Oregon too but I didn't see any of that hanging out instead. Yeah and noticed that both Jeff and Russell. Have like to have two microphones on their MIC stand Sort of tied together which was kind of a weird seventies thing that they did do. That was Sometimes if they rip especially if they were recording the show. You'd have one Mike that fed the PA in one that went to the recording stuff But apparently the grateful dead also did this sort of a weird early form of noise canceling because they would they would put their speakers. Grateful dead put their speakers behind them and did a lot of like weird separation so like the base when we came out of this portion and the guitar came out of his portion to train gift. Things a little more dynamic separation but apparently if you put too close together and you do one in positive polarity in one in negative polarity sort of does some fancy noise cancelling thing on really know but apparently is common in the seventy s until we figured out you know plug ins and laptops and things so very cool. I'm writing so much I do have been baby myself. I was GonNa say you wonder if he's ever seen that before but yeah well the the big thing I've seen is that You know it looks. It seems like there's there's a there's a fair amount of duct tape that I think has happened there at at at Russell's microphone and I've seen lead singer do that before I've done sound work with a few bands quite a few years ago. There was one that Kevin just started going crazy with taping like okay. If you want to do that you're that that's interesting. I wouldn't at seems unsafe. Well I don't know. Duct tape is Great. I guess no don't don't don't know absolutely. I never thought I came from the south. Everything's held together with duct tape. I'm the other thing that that that's at. The very beginning of it is the that the plumbing song is ending. I mean it's not really ending. That's not supposed to end but it's ends because of everyone leaving their instruments in running towards wrestling then than certainly away getting off the stage but You know in the draw. I think in a normal fashion. I think the drums are kind of the one that kind of goes along. The drummer can just be on his own groove and I mean he's sexy Griffin centrally and. Yeah he and he can't maybe can't see what's happening sunders obstruction. Yeah Ding dongs. Away can't Ding dongs meaning drums. Let's that's what I'm gonNA call them now. You know what I'm talking about the hidden things drummers love it when you call me being Donner's I think too so. Oh Yeah Yeah. They totally loved that. Because it's very cool in rock and roll.

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