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I have a very special show today later. In this podcast I have an interview with Robbie Robertson one of the founding members of the band a significant figure in movie history as well. Who HAS COLLABORATED WITH? Martin Scorsese over the years. He has a new documentary that he participated in the basically tells the story of his life and the work of the band called. Once were brothers so I hope you'll stick around for that and inspired by that conversation. I had to invite on Ringer Staff Writer Rob Villa. Who is one of the funniest and smartest people I know about music? I Rob She's we'll thank you. It's an honor to be here of course alot rob you write about music and movies at the ringer as well and quite deftly and I think the use of music in movies has always been frankly an obsession of mine and I suspect that you are also a sophisticated thinker about this idea. Is that fair to say? Sophisticated is a strong word. But let's go with your role with your a guy who has a functioning brain that watches movies with music in them. Is that fair to say Aisha's? Amd during sonic the HEDGEHOG. That's the way I would describe my relationship with music and movies me I was that guy I feel like there's a lot we know there's a there's a conscientiousness about choosing songs in movies now because we grew up watching scorsese movies and then the movies of all the people who watched. Martin Scorsese movies and start making movies of their own and so the use of the pop song. We're not talking about score here. We're talking about pop music appearing in films you know what is your. What is your sense of? Who Does it well and sort of what goes into making a good choice for something that's really obvious or really obscure. I think the obviousness I see a lot more in prestige. Tv generally like that's the plate. Like any use of radiohead. Almost across the board. Like I I like a lot of Westworld but just the way that Westworld is uses those pop songs you know the old style piano version of pop songs. It's just you're just sort of leaching off that songs energy like the the cash that it already has and you're just sort of stealing and implanting it into your TV show or your movie like it's there's a difference between stealing a song soul and like taking a song and building a new universe around it like sort of recreating it in re-energizing it it's a it's a great point. I'll never forget the moment I watched the pilot of Ozark. Which is the last the last episode of ours. Ozark that I've ever watched and at the end of it Decks dark by radiohead began playing and I was like. Oh this is that JOE now. I mean no disrespect to say Chris Ryan. Who's a huge fan of that series but actually that choice indicated to me what the creators of the show thought they were doing and it wasn't for me you know it just didn't Didn't click with what despite liking radiohead and Jason Bateman and. I knew that there was a pretentiousness that I was not going to connect with their What do you think makes for a good song choice in a movie? I think it has to be at least a little unexpected. It has to re- contextual. Is it a little bit like I? There are instances where obviousness is what you need and I think there are a few of those and my list here but I I think. In general you need some element of surprise some just more gratuitous are just more surprising way of using it than what you would expect. Do you think it's important to saying something about character or the scene itself or because one of the things that that Robertson said when he and I talked which I thought was interesting was the he really likes the contrast he moments. That's the moment when you take a very sweet song. Said it against a very violent moment or you take a very sweet moment and give it something more braces and that's obviously a hallmark of a lot of the people that are best known for choosing songs and movies you know. Think of Quentin Tarantino or fincher. Scorsese are all these people that I talk about endlessly on this show. Do you think that the that music can play such a profound role in telling a story in that way? I think so. I mean you can go too far in that the phenomenon of every movie trailer now using like a really slow down creepy version of a pop song like you think. Fight THE FI. The fifty shades of grey beyond say series. You know like I suicide squad. I think did that. You know you can go too far in that direction and and just use it entirely as irony like. Here's a really sweet song to contrast with an ugly thing. But Yeah I mean. That's that's sort of an overused tropes at this point at the time in the heyday in the early reign of those people those directors like. Yeah that was a really effective use of contrast. So we're here to do a top five list. You'RE GONNA share your five favorite needle drops in movies and I'M GONNA share my five favorite needle drops. Now I don't know your picks and you don't know my picks you almost ruined this podcast by accidentally sharing those picks and I would like you. I'm I apologize profusely and I apologize for my choices. I think this is going to be yelling at me in the next twenty minutes. That's my concern. You know what my concern is is just being too basic right. There are some things that are sort of undeniably signature moments in movies and music especially in the last twenty to twenty five years when when I think this phenomenon has really picked up. Steam and my choices are not songs that were written for movies. They are entirely songs that had previously existed before the film came along. Is that true for you too? I think in all but one case my number five. That's not true but I think that's an important thing that you have to have a prior. Ideally you have a prior relationship with that song that the movie changes. That's what makes a really good moment for me. Not all of them but that's the platonic ideal. I absolutely love that. I probably have one song that that is out runs an opposition to that idea. But that's a great

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The Best Movie Soundtrack Songs Of 2019 | Movies

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