David Ortiz calls ex-Astros pitcher Mike Fiers a 'snitch' for going public about sign-stealing


Oakland days pitcher Mike Fiers says he's received death threats after igniting the investigation into the Astros sign stealing scandal he sells the chronicle in San Francisco he's dealt with threats before it's just a thing on his plate but he's not overly concerned meanwhile former red Sox star David Ortiz also taking issue with the picture he spoke to reporters at spring training today this guy the picture that came out talking about unlimited why all up to you make your money after you get your ring decide to talk about what you talk about in this season what was going on what is what what you didn't say I don't want to be no part of now so you look like a snitch the ace in Major League Baseball aware of threats to fires safety they're taking measures to protect him and his family particularly when Oakland plays in Houston this

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