Dow up by 355 points as investors fears over coronavirus outbreak assuages


The market's been open for about an hour and a half and thus far American investors are shaking off the fears of the corona virus the Dow is up three hundred and fifty five points the nasdaq is up one hundred and forty eight points and the S. and P. is up forty two points good morning everybody it's berry and Chris Collins with you here and you know I hate to seem like Debbie Downer here Chris but I I still have concerns about what happens to these markets when we hit that three o'clock hour that I think is the critical time three to four PM yeah you are kind of a a Debbie Downer Barry but I guess it is what it is right I mean the last two days have been so so turbulent yeah and you know there's really no reason for it to to to bounce back today I mean outside of Yosemite it's well she'll mechanisms but I mean that the the news that we had yesterday hasn't changed today and my six o'clock you know the president's going to come on Michael be close in and he's going to do his best to kind of it's kind of rally the market try to get you know get people fired up and try to ease their their concerns regarding this virus but at the end of the day it is what it is I mean people are sick they haven't really come up with a virus in anti virus vaccine just yet the getting closer but they haven't just yet so I missed a lot of uncertainty out there that's going to reflect the market if it's not today you know if it's not at three o'clock today I think tomorrow we're still looking at another volatile day but I would point out the you know people investors specifically are concerned of reports coming out of Milan they're concerned at reports coming out of the CDC saying that it's going to hit the United States but the day is something we should all be talking about as well is it is starting to recede in China right where where the epicenter was right so with that said you know there there's still an awful lot of unknowns as relates to the corona virus we've seen this movie before as it relates to viruses the world panics and then it goes away because we take precautions but this one you know is it different I don't know the answer a a bit but I will tell you if you still okay if if China in a month is still shut down and closed for business yeah that's going to have an impact a very negative impact on supply chains around the globe and they know that and and and but I think investors know that

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