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Food, Dubious Food


In twenty eleven in Alabama law firm sued fast food chain Taco Bell for dishonest business practices claiming that Taco Bell's seasoned filling couldn't be called beef under USDA standards because they had it tested and it was only thirty five percent beef. The rest was oats and other fillers Taco bell pulled out all the stops to refute the allegation at a cost of more than three million dollars including parody of Saturday morning superhero cartoon show that they had already for reasons super delicious ingredients force fighting. Baron VAUGHN bland. My Name's Moxy. And this is your brain on facts. Researching conspiracy theories and urban legends. Always gets a little wild like. Did you know that people are die hard? Tim Hortons fans because the Canadian version of Dunkin donuts spikes their coffee with highly addictive nicotine. Of course they don't but that doesn't stop people from believing. It will be skipping over. Stories like the fingertip and Wendy's Chili. That was a failed extortion attempt or the mouse in the mountain dew which PepsiCo defended themselves against by proving that the mouse would have dissolved. Let's start with the biggest name and fast food. The Mac Daddy if you will. Mcdonald's easily holds the records for the most urban legends and conspiracy yarns spun around a restaurant. The topic has its own wikipedia. Page and these. Well predate the unduplicated experiment. That was Morgan. Spurlock super size me listeners. Of a certain demographic may remember the Jimbo. You deserve a break today reaching them about the same time as the rumor that McDonald's stretched their hamburger meat out with Nice. Cheap ground up worms. If you've been online for more than a few minutes. In the past decade he will have seen a picture of a factory machine extracting fat tube of Pink Mush or pink slime as the caption frames. It say hello to mechanically separated chicken. It's all fast food. Chicken is made from things like chicken. Nuggets patties also. The process frozen chicken in the stores is made from it. Basically the entire chicken is smashed and pressed recieve bones is guts. All it comes out looking like this and there's more because it's crawling with bacteria it'll be washed ammonia soaked in it actually then because it tastes gross. It'll be re flavored artificially then because it's weirdly pink it'll be died with artificial color but hey at least it tastes good right. There are little bits they are that are nearly true mechanically separated meat is a staple ingredient in ready made frozen and fast foods but it's made from meat cuts not whole carcasses while beef producers commonly treat meat products with small amounts of ammonium side as an anti microbial agent and assessing in a high volume facility meat and poultry processors. Don't soak the meat in ammonia. They treat it with the gas apart from the included items being wrong. There are a lot of things that are missing. Like the fact that McDonald's stopped using mechanically separated chicken in two thousand and three mechanically separated. Beef was banned in two thousand four due to concerns about Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy Aka mad cow disease and the pink. Slime in the picture is probably what one beef industry magazine writer called. Ammonium treated lean beef trimmings not even chicken at all another glaring omission in the claim. There is nothing in the picture to identify that as a McDonald's facility. Mcdonald's went on the defensive showing how nuggets were actually made and that the mushed up chicken while not especially pleasing to the eye at no point looks like pink. Slime washed down those nuggets with a milkshake. Well there's no milk in that milkshake. There's no dairy of any kind. That's why the menu says shakes and not milkshakes. At least that's the rumor. What are they used instead to make it so creamy pureed cow eyeballs or maybe a little microscopic styrofoam balls for filler or lard or potatoes or seaweed or ground up feathers there are strict definitions food labelling and while. Mcdonald's shakes can't be labeled milkshakes in some areas because they don't contain straight up milk they do contain milk via the soft serve ice cream that's used to make them and they don't contain any of the other things save one. Their ice cream is made from milk. Sugar cream of Corn Syrup and various common preservatives and thinners McDonald's self-serve does contain one item from the Urban Legend List Seaweed specifically encourage Heenan. A safe natural common ingredient bonus. Fact if your food or drink is pink or red in color. Check The label for coaching. Neil a type of beetle whose ground up bodies have been used as a food color for centuries. I'm not suggesting to avoid it unless you're trying to keep kosher. I just think it's interesting. It's probably only listed as natural color. Anyway say you bought more food than you're able to eat in one sitting and you left the rest on the counter for a few weeks. Hey we all get busy. Thanks to all the artificial ingredients in manmade chemicals in boldface defiance of the natural order of things that McDonald's food won't rot. Lots of people have made videos showing the food remaining virtually unchanged after days and even weeks. This is a little bit true but mostly false in case any specify that and not for the reasons you think according to Dr Keith Warner Program Director at the University of Gulf's Department of Food Science and Quality Assurance essentially the microbes. That cause rotting are a lot like ourselves in that they need water nutrients warmth and timed grow. If we take one or more of those elements away then. Microbes cannot grow and spoil food in the example of the McDonald's hamburger. The patty loses water in the form of steam during cooking the BUN is made out of bread and toasting it reduces the amount of moisture this means that after preparation hamburger is fairly dry. When left out open in a room? There's further water loss as the humidity within most buildings is around forty percent so in the absence of moisture or high humidity. The Burger simply dries out rather than rots so no moisture no rot. It's the inverse of the reason. Why the bathroom is the only room in your house where you're locked in an eternal struggle with microbes like mold and mildew speaking of moisture. Who could use a tasty beverage right about now? How about a new COQ? Don't know what I'm talking about. That means one of two things. You're under the age of thirty or the most devious and ingenious marketing effort of all time succeeded or failed either way. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Set would want you to know. That coke created new coq to cover the switch from sugar to corn Syrup to mask the removal of the last remaining coca derivatives or because people would hate it and demand more of what had been renamed co Classic. Take your pick. Pepsi had an effective ad campaign with the Pepsi. Challenge a blind taste test where lifelong coke fans found out they actually preferred the taste of Pepsi. Coke replicated the challenge in private and found the same thing. So in nineteen eighty-five they reformulated coke to be sweeter and put it out as new coq hip trendy with it and now including TV spots with the supposedly CGI. Max Headroom. You can hear more about in episode ninety six. Do not adjust your set. People hated new COQ. The heated the very idea of coping changed. There were letter writing campaigns thousands of calls a day and people. Hoarding original coke. Were boycotting the brand altogether independent bottlers even sued Coca Cola for lost revenue. It was all over the news all the late night talk shows. You couldn't buy that much publicity for. Could you? People began to speculate that. Coca-cola had launched new coq knowing that people would hate it that it would make people want to buy original coke and that everyone would be talking about it. They created it to fail. This isn't as far fetched a notion as you might think a decade or so later when Pepsi Launched Crystal Pepsi. Can you hear that Van Hagar Song Coke Launch? Crystal Tab? Tab was the first Diet Soda and even though Crystal Pepsi wasn't Diet People inflated the two and Crystal Pepsi went out faster than Jenkins and plastic choker necklaces as for the new coq debacle being a deliberate marketing ploy then company president. Donald Cove said some. Cynics will say that we planned the whole thing. The truth is we're not that dumb and we're not that Smart

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Food, Dubious Food

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