Listen To Your Mummy!


Move missed three about that guy. Roz thought a traffic jam on a weekday. And He. Yeah who could have predicted back to the beginning. I'm just glad you finally decided to take the wow machine to a professional mindy I mean how many more jumps corrugated piece of cardboard taken no probably like ten twelve anyhow. Where'd you got me? This great deal with mechanic. He knew from back in the day and it'd be bunker ball's not to take him up on his offer for a tune-up that is true. Thanks for coming with me to pick it up though problem India by the way. How far are we you far? If this lovely morning we're having how about some radio mindy that will help us pass the time. Good idea garage. See here DAB DAB DAB. Maybe that's still static. Welcome back to follow in the big tier in the morning. We're the program for your traffic. Jim Shaw Sweet. Talk for your grid law. Guess which day is just around the corner Tasked talking about Mothers Day. Oh yes kaiser and we got our hands on a hot new music coming out for Mother's Day this year we did. That's right we do. It says right here on the title Sheet Music Ball go man that says mummy music not Lami Music. The vocals in the song had been reconstructed from a three thousand year. Old Chip Schindler me. Let's take a listen to those vocals? And wow talk about auto tuning more like auto to auto dooming and these guys really burn my bacon. All

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