Trump claims his policies are keeping coronavirus under control


Has a court of iris statistics continue to rise of the U. S. fears the virus hitting communities across the nation what began as the outbreak in China is now considered to be a worldwide epidemic or even a pandemic CBS news White House correspondent we Jack says the administration is saying is all under control but not everyone believes that from his Florida resort president trump brushed off the chance of coronavirus making its way to the White House even as the mayor of Washington confirmed the first case in the nation's capital no I'm not concerned at all the president showed the same confidence on Twitter claiming we have a perfectly coordinated and fine tune to plan on face the nation Connecticut senator Chris Murphy said there could be thousands of cases in his state even though only two have been confirmed I think we have no concept of the scope of this epidemic yet because we have not been able to test and what is unforgivable is that the administration didn't see this coming there are more than one hundred thousand confirmed cases in more than ninety

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