Seattle - UW Medicine to launch COVID-19 antibody testing


Our area is one of the first in the country to be approved to use a new test in the fight against the coronavirus as commerce Brian Calvert tells us this test may be the key to turning to a more normal routine Washington just eclipsed twelve thousand cases of covert nineteen and now our state will know more about who's had this and survive we've all heard the stories right somebody says well I was really sick in February did I have called in and we haven't been able to tell them once you're healed the virus goes away faster Keith Jerome head of the university of Washington virology labs is starting today they're using the antibody test made by Abbott the test seems to be very very sensitive that if a person is had coated the test detects them with a very very high degree of reliability assistant professor Alex grant injured and other viruses these antibodies are protective you won't get re infected the genetic diversity this virus is limited currently but they still believe having the covert nineteen anti body would limit a second infection to basic cold symptoms

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