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They have a lot of moving pieces in Washington right now at quarterback. Listen you got it you have to give. Haskins one more year you gotTa Give Him. Sixteen Games period. I mean if you draft somebody in the top ten at quarterback and now he's on a second head coach you gotTa Give Haskins Sixteen Games now. I've said this before joy. I do think by about week. Nine or ten belva feeling if it's GonNa work or not. Give Him sixteen more games than make a decision. I just fundamentally. Don't believe in quarterback competitions. I do not understand what that means. You have more than one quarterback. You have no quarterback. There should be no question about who that guy is going in. It just means that. You don't have great quarterbacks it to me. Nobody's competing for the quarterback position. I in in New Orleans. It's drew brees. He's the guy. There's no quarterback competition in in Baltimore. He's the guy he's the Guy Forty niners Jim. He's the guy if you have to compete. You don't know who you have and that's okay if it's Haskins starter but just as the starter and if you get to week ten eleven and you know. He's not the guy you WANNA see kyle file Allen is doing. That's one thing but I just believe that. You have to be confident at that position. Young quarterbacks to shouldn't be