Recipe edition: Adrian Martin's Classic Carbonara


Hi I'm Adrienne Martin and I'm from wildflower restaurant in Camden. My favorite goto recipe is a classic Carbonara. Whenever I'm really really stuck on I have ten minutes free in the evening time. This is the recipe. I'll make so the classic normany is Gone Chali which is pig's cheek. What we do with Gwen? Charlie's we dice it up. We put it into a dry pan. Dry Pan fry it until we get it nice and crispy in the meantime while that's happening. You put on a pot of water bringing up to the boil spaghetti and their on. Let it cook away so once. Spaghetti HITS THE WATER. You have about eight to ten minutes to finish this whole dish so this is why. It's like one of those dishes. That's quite easy to kind of pull together nice and quick so spaghetti's in the Guantanamo is frying nicey. If you can't get your hands on going to you can just use regular smoked bacon. We ought in a clove of garlic. Don't even bother to smash it on your board straight into the pond and let it kind of perfume and flavor that Crispy Bacon in there. Once this happens we get an egg so base one egg per person so I normally cook for two. Probably eat for to myself to be honest with you. So we have to eggs cracked into a boat. And the cheese. That's traditionally used a classic. Urban Meyer is Pekka Reno Cheese. So into a micro playing great in some of that cheese into the egg whisk it together with a fork and then what you do is at this stage once you have that finished. Your Pasta should be almost ready. Check it have a little taste of it. Make sure that it's cooked almost fully through and what we do is take what your tongues across into the Bacon Spaghetti. Take some of the water which is well because it's picking up the sauce in the baking pan. We want to stop the frying process so that water will stop the frying process completely. Take it off the heat and finally you're going to live. She get ready to serve it straight away. So this is the last thing you have to do is get the egg and cheese that you've mixed header folded through the Spaghetti on the Bacon and finally finish it with cracked black pepper. Serve it up straightaway. Great a little bit more pet green overtop nego. Classic carbonare

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