Practical Decision Making


Today I WanNa talk to you guys about decision making as much as I can from a practical perspective. Because I think that you know. There's a light instructor renewal courses and there's when I'm talking to a room full of. Cf is we always say well. When should you start teaching? Adm and and the answer. The question is from day one right but it's really really hard thing to teach and by the way. Adm is Aaron article. Decision-making I don't take that for granted anymore. I hate when people use acronyms and I don't know what they are. Some pilots had never heard of him actually was in a room full of. Cf is some backwards like what's ADM so it's like okay. We can't take anything for granted but decision making is a really hard thing to teach and I always tell. Cf is one of the hardest. Parts of our job is on day one. We do everything and it's like a steady progressive poll out of equation and on the last day. Theoretically were doing nothing right so we're transferring this ninety one point three pilot in command decision making ability to a student in a perfect world but one of the main challenges of doing that is in training. We do what I call flying in a fishbowl. Say that very affectionately by the way. I love my fishbowl. But it's like San Francisco my little plastic castle. And this is my fishbowl. And we don't leave it very often. You know so in training can say to yourself. I make great decisions. You know like the wind is blowing strong today. How about we scrub the flight? And it's okay great. We scrubbed the flight but in reality as much as that's good stuff like teaching yourself to turn around walk away. Live the fire another day. That's all great. I'm not discouraging out on any level but you get out into the real world things become a lot more complex and we're GONNA go through some systems and some tricks that I can give. You possibly will help you make better decisions. Kinda give you for me like what? What is this sort of nightmare scenario? Not Really A NIGHTMARE SCENARIO. But a tough one. I had two students both of whom were Training California. And both who did my actually. I don't know where they did their privates but I did their instrument in California this is I don't know ten years ago and So I knew they both understood my processes of standardization and personal minimums and all that sort of stuff that I outlined in my setting standard all the stuff that I teach and I knew they knew that so they say to me one day. Hey we're going to go buy one seventy two actually. There's they weren't actually buying it somebody else's binding to one they were. GonNa go pick them up so my two guys in one plane and two other guys that they knew in the other plane they were going to go out to Virginia in the summertime and fly these airplanes all the way back to California and I joked that it's my nightmare scenario. Because that's that's a that's a long flight that's a lot of time in the airplane and for a Stra California pilot. There's a lot of weather you might encounter in the summertime between Virginia and California that maybe never seen before so the funny part of the call was. Hey can we take you out and buy launch and you can maybe give some pointers on what we should how we should think about this. So I had a lunch. I had like one hour to figure out. What am I going to say to these guys? One of my going to tell them that might make them safer. That might make a difference and the only thing I could really come up with from my own experience that I could cover in an hour that they would actually remember was. There's GonNa come a time where you guys are having a discussion like you're not sure what to do. You're not sure if you should press on to the next airport. You're not sure if you should circumnavigate a line of rain showers tipping my head Scott Online and rainshowers there. You have some decision to make and when you have to make that decision my my best advice you the thing that I could maybe give you. That will help you in one hour of lunch over. Mcdonald's or doing is land the airplane and have that discussion in the pilot's lounge and make that decision on the ground and if the right decision is to continue flying get back in the airplane and flying. That's a piece of cake but it's Q. Easy to sort of continue with the momentum of an airplane moving along at one hundred twenty nine. You're seeing all these various options and can make decision making very difficult so just getting yourself to slow down. In the decision making process can be incredibly powerful

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