Summit shows you don't have to be a lobbyist or an adult to lobby your state rep

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Experts. Tell us that while changing. Your personal behavior will help. It's going to take policy change to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. So what can you do to help with that? Dozens of Minnesota teens found out at the youth climate justice summit at the state capital this week and our producer. Megan burks tagged along to bring back some tips fifteen year old. Audrey arc win of Saint. Paul says the first thing you need to know about talking to lawmakers is that they're people they're all former teachers they all hold other jobs within their lifetime and they've just decided to run for office They're not scary and most often. They've listened to constituent feedback arc sits on the Minnesota Youth Council which advises legislators and the governor on issues. That young people care about in two thousand seventeen. He went to Germany for a UN climate summit. In last year he helped organize the climate strike that brought thousands of students to the state capital. This is an existential threat to us as a society. We have shown that we are able as youth to bring out so many people to support our cause of climate justice and climate activism. We have been able to persuade. Legislators we have really been the ones that are sparking change inside this government right now. So what's our Quinn's formula for making his case to lawmakers I the most compelling part is always why you care about this issue whether you have family members that are being affected Europe being affected by it yourself. You have children that you WANNA grow up in a world where it's not fundamentally different than the world. You're able to grow up and that always connects to legislators and a really important way and then also making sure there's a clear you wanna say. Will you support this bill? Will you commit to doing something like supporting a cause? That's a big one. Are Quinn says that part? The ask can be tricky. It has to be specific tangible and one of the things that is really helpful is going to our state website many times online. They have built summaries. No one has the time to page through a twenty page bill. That is in language that we don't understand because it's used in the house so by looking for those summaries. I can give you a really great idea about what this does in short amount of time and sort of allow you to gain a position on it. Legislators expecting you to be experts on these things they want to know that you're committed and they wanNA know how it's affecting you and how you want them to act on it. They don't need you to be a policy expert on what exactly needs to change. Because that's their job will welcome everybody to see this formula action followed group of students from St Louis Park Richfield Minneapolis into dfl representative Jamie. Wong's office the Energy Conservation for schools bill and kind of connected to we know that next year there's GonNa be a lot of budget cuts for schools in Minneapolis and worrying about how that's going to affect our concentration so last year. We had funding for solar in schools was in the house. Bill for big Climate spending package got had broad support. Unfortunately we weren't able to get it through the Senate and we wanted to push as a solo bill or not a part of another bill where you could just kind of taken out at the last second. This would be its own separate. Did you hear that? They want representative long to keep the schools proposal. Which has bipartisan support? Out of an omnibus bill that could also include some dealbreakers that keep it from getting past long. Who'd had ten other meetings that morning says? This kind of interaction truly helps. We may care about thirty or forty different issues that we want to try to get something done. But you're not going to be able to get everything done in a particular year or session so we need to prioritize and hearing from folks even folks. We agree with that. This is something that matters a lot right that this is a top priority. That really helps us focus in. If you're feeling inspired get to at the legislative session ends may

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