Eagles draft Jalen Hurts


Hurts is on his way to Philadelphia they drafted him over the weekend here was heard son what he brings to Philly are working yeah I'm sorry in fact you guys around him I think that's what matters the most no I'm excited to be around the guys and everybody just see where see where we go and a lot of people with Carson Wentz they're wondering why they took care of my Adam Schefter reporting that they took him in case someone gets coronavirus Russia after man he's quarries that was the the guy that was before the draft the same if there's carnage in the streets in the NFL shouldn't have the threat is true yes I I believe it was him yeah every now and again you just drop some craziness and he did it twice in the last month he's he's you know is Mona Lisa was the Condoleezza Rice coaching the Browns though it'll never get better I enjoyed that one yeah I was gonna have you can skip the Pearson well known cares open to Waveland well Tom Brady's in Tampa the patriots looking for a quarterback didn't draft one bill Belichick was asked yesterday why we feel like we find the right right situation will certainly draft the only draft them he and multiple years and multiple points in the draft didn't work out and then now he was aster I he said it wasn't for a lack of effort they just didn't work out that wasn't by design it but out but it didn't

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