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Boris Johnson, Reporter And Jonty discussed on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker


How's coronavirus task force continue to warn of a high number of deaths this week from the virus there are nearly three hundred seventy thousand confirmed cases at this hour and nearly eleven thousand deaths CBS is at least president on hot spots nationwide the White House continues to resist calls for a national stay home order coronavirus task force member Dr Anthony Fauci says that may not actually be necessary I want to make sure people understand that just because they don't have a very strict stay at home what they have in place a lot of things that are totally compatible with what everyone else is doing the current hot zones include Detroit where cases have tripled in the last nine days to more than five thousand Chicago has a similar number of patients experts say the next hot spots will likely include Miami and Philadelphia in hard hit New York that comfort navy ship will now begin accepting coronavirus cases after initially being brought up from Virginia for other patients but governor Andrew Cuomo says staying indoors has worked when it comes to the number of people entering hospitals and he's extending those restrictions through the end of the month we still have to extended New York pause because if that curve is turning it's turning because the rate of infection is going down one of the reasons the rate of infections going down is because social distancing is working we have to continue the social distancing New York state has about five thousand deaths with six hundred in just the last twenty four hours to London where British prime minister Boris Johnson has spent his first night in intensive care at a hospital after coming down with the virus a week and a half ago Vicky Barker's at the foreign desk it was a week ago Friday that Boris Johnson revealed he had a mild case of covert nineteen and was going into seven days of quarantine he issued a series of Jonty videos after that but by this past Friday he revealed he was still showing symptoms and how to extend to the quarantine there was still no sense of urgency about his admission to hospital on Sunday but it appears his can do Ishant worsened late Monday afternoon and he was moved into intensive care in the early evening they keep Barker CBS news London to Australia and I get out of jail free card for the Catholic priest who had been accused of sexually abusing boys reporter Scott Maiman this was cardinal George Pell's final legal Avenue for freedom and it works the full bench of the stretchy as high court has unanimously granted his appeal the appeal judges found a significant possibility that an innocent person had been convicted cardinal Pell in a statement says he holds no ill will towards his accuser pal is seventy eight years old this is CBS news you can listen to CBS.

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Boris Johnson, Reporter And Jonty discussed on Overnight America with Ryan Wrecker

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