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Hearing any reports of problems


Mill down both directions I'm not hearing any reports of problems there but there is a little bit of a backup at this point in time the rest of their highways are running pretty quietly their schedule to be out doing road work until midnight on eastbound sixty four just east of seventy but I'm really not seeing any delays or it's all around and that error earlier so it looks like you're in good shape to get through there if they are indeed still out having a lane draw down in that area and two or three really good systems like a southbound sold out past worldwide technology race when that works on if you have leaks or commercial or dust or flat roof there's only one company to call the flat roof company for their great reputation excellent service and great prices at three one four nine nine five twenty seven hundred flat roofs all they do next updated five fifty for the Michael Florio let's talk on traffic center

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Hearing any reports of problems

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