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He has covered nineteen and his condition has declined in the past few days


And I'm no well king good morning Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson spent the night in a London hospital in the intensive care unit he has covered nineteen and his condition has declined in the past few days Johnson's government is already playing catch up in dealing with the virus that has killed nearly five thousand four hundred people in the U. K. NPR's Frank Langfitt is following the story and he joins us now from outside of London hi Frank I know well how is Boris Johnson doing well he what we understand is he's been in the I see you since yesterday evening this all happened it he's had this since late last month went into sudden decline on Sunday went across the river to St Thomas's hospital from number ten Downing Street was put the ice use a precaution Michael go if he runs the UK's Cabinet Office he was on the radio here this morning talking to LBC it's talk radio here in London and this is the most recent update we have on the prime minister he's not home late tonight the phone has received some simple questions approach and he's he's kept under of course Clichy commission no no most of the nineteen patients here go on a ventilator within twenty four hours but number ten downing street's just not giving us any other details right now Johnson by nature we've talked about this before he's a sort of beat current national cheerleader inclined to minimize challenges and even after was admitted to the hospital yesterday he was tweeting that he was in good spirits and and sort of rallying the troops union in the United Kingdom to fight the coronavirus which is which tracks without Johnson normally behaves but now isn't the I see you which is where you go to heal so who is running the government there

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