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I have not seen if they're wearing face masks but how bout that


With all the folks watching the tiger King on Netflix or having completed in Finland for already I guess the Bronx zoo story with tiger with the corona guessing that this takes on a whole new interested level right wrong zero tiger testing positive for corona virus New York Post while sold the virus came from an animal most likely and then it jumps to humans and now it's going back to an animal because it looks like the trainer at the Bronx zoo gave this four year old Malayan tiger at the Bronx zoo culverted nineteen now the tiger did not say the tiger was asked about are you feeling any better and the tiger did not say not but to the Tucker did not do that a four year old Malayan tiger Bronx zoo tested positive for gold at nineteen after developing a dry cough according to the wildlife conservation society they said in a statement came out yesterday southern Nadia Nadia four year old female Malayan tiger at the Bronx zoo testing positive for covered nineteen yeah she her sister Azul and two other Tigers and three African lions developed a dry cough and I currently expected to recover I have not seen if they're wearing face masks but how bout that they say the big cats are on the mend the Bronx zoo well here is most likely jump from animals whether was the four bathroom the the pangolin in China or

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I have not seen if they're wearing face masks but how bout that

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